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Monday, March 10, 2008

Boston Derby Dames...aka Roller Derby

So, did you know there is an awesome ladies roller derby league? Well, there is. Boston Massacre is their name, and boy do they massacre on the rink. On Saturday, I attended the Derby event, and let me tell ya, as long as you like watching sports, you'll enjoy this...I imagine men enjoy this a little more with the cute (short) outfits and girls reeling into each other. Best part - they end the derby with a party...that has a professional DJ. That's MAJOR. (thank you again Victoria Beckham)

So the Derby Dames are having a prom in Cambridge and there will be whiskey tastings and DJs and karaoke! Whiskey and karaoke sounds like a hilarious combination. Click here to get tickets to the prom (it's in mid April) and to learn more about the event.