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Friday, March 14, 2008

Take a day trip to JP

A friend and I hit up JP this afternoon and did little shopping and walking around Centre Street, JP's main street area. For parking (some of us don't live in this lovely neighborhood), there is plenty in the 2 hour area behind Blanchards Liquors, which is on Centre Street. Once there, if you want to head to Jamaica Pond for a nice stroll around the pond, just walk down Pond Street, or Elliot St (there are more mansions) and you're there. Around the pond is about 1.5 miles.

On Centre Street, your stomach will be turning, cause your options for food are plentiful! But, VeeVee, a new spot which has been getting good reviews won me over just with its sign (granted, I'm an urban planner). Two stores we couldn't resist heading into, On Centre (at 636 Centre St) which was filled with fun jewelry, cute housewares and unique cards. The second one, was a men/womens clothing store, Salmagundi (765 Centre Street), that had hats and fun clothes glaore. The staff was friendly just the way you like it, and even let us wear a fedora...and yes, my friend rocked it better than Britney. :)

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Sweet Britney reference!