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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Downtown Food Update

The Z-Square in the Park , the Park being Post Office Square Park, is now officially open.

In other news, it looks like the finishing touches are being put on the latest incarnation of The Littlest Bar. The new The Littlest Bar is located on the corner of Broad and Franklin streets (next to The Times and across the street from JA Stats) and appears to be quite a bit bigger than the old one. The old one was located on Province Street in Downtown Crossing but was torn down to make way for a condo project (45 Province).


bostongal said...

g-funk are you going? post office sq is the lunch place to see and be seen!

g funk said...

I must say the whole Post Office Square scene during lunch befuddles me. "They", whoever that might be, provide these free padded seat cushions and then there's often musicians playing there. Seriously, who pays for all this awesomeness?

bostongal said...

Actually g-funk, its a privately owned parking garage and park. It's one of the first privately owned and developmed public parks. Here is the wiki site on the park:,_Boston,_Massachusetts
Good urban history trivia!