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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Patriot Place

Devra First, the food critic at the Globe has reviewed the CBS Scene at Patriot Place recently, and it got me to remember I forgot to mention my first visit down south.

First, I should mention two things- I smartly went when the Pats were already out of the playoffs and it was cold. So, my friend and I didn't walk around the stores, like the Bass Pro Fishing Shop or the new Old Navy. But my South Shore friend reassured me that having these stores is such a big asset. And I believe it, in the strip auto mall that is Route One.

The cool thing about CBS Scene is that you can get tables at your personal TV, so while you are sipping on cocktails you can watch Two and a Half men, or preferably, football, basketball or How I Met Your Mother. But, I bet watching a game in the summer or early fall there is awesome. One, more people are around, and they have a HUGE outdoor TV for the patio. Perfecto.

The other restaurants in the area definitely seem worth visiting as does the place in warmer weather. As I recommended to my friend, I would totally go there before a Revolutions game!

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