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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Flatbread Pizza At Sacco's Bowling is a nice addition to Davis Sq

This week, Flatbread Pizza reopened the Davis Square favorite - Sacco's Bowling Haven. As someone who haunted the old alley, the combination of pizza and beer are a nice addition to this great place.

Flatbread Pizza touts itself as a local, organic pizza/salad restaurant, which it is. The menu features a good variety of classic and specialty pizzas, and the salads feature a light dressing with the option of goat or blue cheese (cheese is extra). My friends and I found it a little annoying that our waitress kept saying "organic" for everything - to be honest, it would be great to learn more about where they get their food (such as our pizza had farmer market tomatoes) than to keep hearing the word organic. But if that is the only thing I have to complain about, then it's not a major issue. Pizzas are big - there were three of us and we still had a few pieces left over and one salad could definitely be shared by two (the addition of seaweed on top of the salads was great).

The best thing about the new Sacco's? Probably that you can drink awesome local beers (pretty things!) or speciality drinks and candlepin bowl for cheap. Rental for 3 and two games only cost us $25. (Better than Kings, right?) And if you don't want to bowl, have no fear, there is a nice new bar for those who just want the liquor.

Flatbread and Sacco's is looking to stay open in the beginning at least until 10:00pm (for bowling/serving food) but there are talks to expand the hours. The new Sacco's is a nice place in the Square for families and those of us who just want to play around with some balls. :)

Flatbread Pizza at Sacco's Bowling Haven is located in Davis Sq at 45 Day Street.