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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

D'Guru opens, provides downtown with a new Indian cuisine option

Recently opened on Devonshire Street is D'Guru, a lunchtime spot for Indian food. Prior cravings for Indian food were only partially satisfied by trips to Indian Entrees at the Corner Mall or Bombay Club in Faneuil Hall, with perhaps an occasional trip to the fancier Mantra.

At D'Guru, entree combos are 6.95 for vegetarian, 7.95 for chicken, 8.95 for lamb, and 9.95 for seafood. Samosas are 1.50. Combos come with a veggie side, rice, and bread.

This is primarily a takeout place, as there are only a couple of tables and some high top seats. Given the limited space, the owners of Guru the Caterer had planned to cook the food at their Somerville location before bringing it downtown. This may or may not be the case, but the food seems to confirm transport. Overall the food is quite good - full flavored and some decent heat. But the chicken is a bit overcooked, perhaps sitting in the high temperature sauce for too long, and the naan is a bit thicker and less puffy than normal.

So while the food tastes better than that of Indian Entrees or Bombay Club in the food courts, there are fewer menu options and some drawbacks of their kitchen being located elsewhere. Nevertheless, D'Guru is a great place to work into the lunchtime rotation.

Pictured: Chicken Tikka Masala Combo