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Friday, January 25, 2008

B-list Celebs and DJs...that's hot!

Brody Jenner and Paris Hilton at the Estate

Poor Estate. When they printed their ad about Brody Jenner coming to Boston, they said he was available. Sadly, Brody announced awhile ago that he has a special gal, and her name is "not Lauren Conrad." (Boo!) But, this Hollywood boy toy who made fame by dating Nicole Ritchie and LC (and being stepbro to The Kardashian girls) is hitting the town this Saturday. He'll be at The Estate, aka the new Big Easy, this Saturday, January 26 at 9pm. I'll be in line folks, no joke.

If Brody is not your taste, perhaps Paris is? Wednesday, February 6 at 8pm, Paris will also be coming to town. She's hosting the one-year anniversary of the club and kicking off the official Boston premiere of her new movie! If she gets killed in it like House of Wax, count me in bitches.

How Much Did these Clubs pay for these DJs?

Gypsy Bar hosted Steve Aoki and DJ AM a few weeks ago, and I was there taking it all in, but I think I'll be passing on this new set of hot DJs, which Gypsy is advertising as "Menage a Trois." Eric Cumbeechee, Sky Nellor and DJ Scene will be hitting the vinyl on February 8. Who are these people? Go and find out, peeps.