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Monday, March 31, 2008

How I Met Your Mother

Is AWEsome...and click here to see Barney's blog. Haha.


Get to NYC on the cheap

So for those of us who want to ride the bus to NYC, after all, it's the best way to carpool, have some cheaper options coming around. One is BoltBus from Greyhound, which will start offering service to NYC starting 4/24. At least one seat on a bus will be $1.50 one way (includes fees) and the rest is priced according to market demand. Max rate will be $20. But to celebrate, all seats from In addition to BoltBus, there will be MegaBus, which will offer $1 and free Wi-fi when it starts up in May. Click here for the piece and to learn about the free rides you can get. That's right, to promote these lines, they are offering some FREE rides. NYC is awesome in the spring. :)


Sunday, March 30, 2008

April Picks

Sing your heart out. Oh, MJ, I am game to singing to your old school classics. Pull out the silver glove and head over to Coolidge Corner on 4/5 for a Michael Jackson sing-a-long.

Need a laugh? Margaret Cho hits up the Orpheum Theatre on 4/5 and Jerry Seinfield is @ the Wang Theater 4/18 & 4/19.

Want to people watch? Head over to the last few miles of the Boston Marathon on Patriot's Day, Monday 4/21. Comm Ave, Beacon Street and Hereford and Boylston St. are all fun spots and places to see Lance Armstrong, who's running this year.

Want to be a little more on the cutting edge? Check out some up and coming directors and stars at the Boston Independent Film Festival. Jay from Project Runway Season One has a doc in the festival. Click here for more on this festival.

Be cultured. Spanish artists reign at the MFA starting in April. El Greco to Velazquez opens on 4/20 and a more contemporary Spanish artist Antoni Lopez Garcia's exhibit opens 4/13.

Treat yourself. Spa week is 4/14-4/20, and 500 + spas in the Boston area are participating with treatments at $50. Click here for more.


The Creative Class brings out the Creative Singles

So, some of you may have heard of a very popular book that came out a few years ago, called the "Creative Class". The author, Richard Florida, made the argument, to paraphrase, that creative people, whether that be those that are artists or those who are into art, flock to cities which provide a creative environment. This could be done via nightlife, art galleries, local stores, etc. Boston is good in that area. New York, much better. But the point is, well educated people go those cities because not only are they looking for a good job, but they want a good quality of life.

Well, in the Boston Sunday Globe, Mr. Florida brings up a new premise. Perhaps, we also flock to cities because there are creative single people. Click here for the article and the map of the States showing were more single people are, of both sexes. West Coast is predominately single male, and East, single women (more in NYC). Boston area is almost equally matched. Now, if there is study done on quality of life and weather, I'm definitely moving to the West Coast. :)


Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Gnarls Barkley

So their new album got leaked awhile back, but has stayed in the iTunes top 10 for a few weeks now. Possibly not as good as their debut effort, the album is fun and has some great beats. And their first single "Run" has a fresh video...and a cute special guest. ;)


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wang or Citi no more?

The Wang Center for the Performing Arts has hit a lot of snags as Broadway Across America (aka Clear Channel) has bought up the Colonial Theatre and Opera House and brought in the big named Broadway shows (i.e. Wicked and Avenue Q). Today, another collaboration ends again. is reporting that the Boston Ballet will be leaving its Wang Center (aka now the Citi Center) contract and will be staging its performances at the Opera House. Ouch. I hope the Wang/Citi Center can stay alive. We've already lost the Wilbur Theatre, too and when the new W Hotel opens down there, it will be an interesting mix.


Pats News

Jabar Gaffney is staying with the Pats, like he wanted. The Globe reported that Gaffney signed a one-year pact with a base salary of $700,000, with a $500,000 signing bonus, and a $75,000 workout bonus. Apparently, similar to Randy Moss, working with Tom Brady had a big deal to do with it...aww.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Are Boston girls trying to be LA?

I think the Hills has gotten to some girls' heads here in Boston. Last I checked, neon high heels and wannabe punkers were not a prerequisite for the the lines at the Big Easy...oh, I'm sorry, I meant the Mansion, or now the Estate. That club has gone through more name changes in one year than Paris Hilton does in boyfriends. But I digress...

Point is, the fashionistas of Boston came out strong tonight at the Betsy Johnson show. Though my gals and I were too tired to stay for the whole thing (I'm getting older folks, and for some of us, tomorrow morning doesn't include skipping a class). Girls were rockin heels, and some where rocking...uh, too many trends at once. And boy did they come with attitude! To the girl who wanted to rock the "Audrina when she was dating Justin Bobby" look, don't you go mocking girls right in front of you in line! At least wait until I'm in the club.

And Estate looks like a much better version of the Big Easy, but nonetheless, and over priced club. I found it hard to imagine people paid over $10 to come there on a Saturday night. And some straight men rolled into the club, obviously hoping for some action...oh, fellas - the girls here are bitchy and fierce - the only looks they want to give all night are stares at each other. Not a good idea to go to this looking for digits.

Lastly, the famous goodie bags - you kinda sucked. Actually, you did suck. Let's to come to the Estate for free (eh), mints from the "Prom Night" movie (as my friend said, "are these rufees?") and information on a website called "shoetube - an online social community connecting women all over the world thought the love and enjoyment of shoes." Unless you have a foot fetish...WTF.


Go Explore

It's getting a little warmer out, right? At least we are seeing sun. And with that, go out and explore the neighborhoods of Boston, Cambridge and other places. Small businesses, cute streets are much better than the malls that are overgrowing around here...I mean, South Shore Plaza is going to propose a 3 story mall with another Nordstroms (did you learn from Starbucks? don't over expand!).

With that...

Click here for a list of the neighborhoods that are in the Boston Main Street's Program. All programs have their own website, with events and information on the district. Do explore Dorchester Ave (Dot Ave to locals) which is getting a $12 million streetscape improvement program. Dot Ave is home to the increasing Vietnamese population in Dorchester and two very trendy Irish bars - Dbar and the Blarney Stone. In addition to Dot Ave, there is Jamaica Plain's Centre Street (see blog entry on my day in JP) and Mission Hill. And that's just those neighborhoods.

Do you want to find a unique wedding present for a friend getting married this summer? Why not take a stroll down Mass Ave between Harvard and Porter Squares and check out Greenward, Abondeon and more! And there is always the best places to eat around there. Buy some art in Harvard Square at their annual May Fair, taking place in the Square May 4, 12pm-4pm. Click here for all of Harvard Sq's events.

Lastly, I would recommend going out to walk around. Like around the Boston Harbor Islands (its a $10 round trip ride from the wharfs in Boston) and go see how the South Boston waterfront is changing - The Boston Harbor Association has walks for you and shows you what to look when you do the harbor walk on your own.

Lastly, Walk Boston, the local pedestrian advocacy organization, has a bunch of walks this Spring and also walks in PDF format. Go to their website and check things out.

Have fun. You know I will!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

TV Wrap up

Missed the "Hills "premiere last night? What were you thinking?! It's Paris! LC and Whitney head to Paris and wear fancy Alberto Ferretti dresses to a ball and go club hopping in Paris...think "Devil Wears Prada" but like in 5 mins...and LC the idiot she is doesn't even kiss the Parisian dude on the hot vespa. Let's see...Broady finds a girlfriend in less than one week (that's quicker than my exboyfriends!) and there is a edgy rocker wanting to make out with you, that takes you around Paris!!!...anyone else see a problem with this girl? A kiss on the cheek is crap in Europe.

What else...we saw that Heidi is growing a backbone with Spencer (it's about time!) and sent him back to LA without her. You go girl!! And we see the hints that Whitney is leaving Teen Vogue, which is unfortunate, not for her, but for those of us who what the show. Whit tells LC her immediate reaction to LC's life every time she comes to work, and it's funny. Maybe LO is going to start interning there...

Britney was on "How I Met Your Mother" and she wasn't as fabulous as I thought she would they hyped her up. I guess looking sober makes you a decent actress. What was better? Sarah Chalke, aka Elliot Reed from "Scrubs" guest starring as Ted's most recent crush. She's always adorable. I hope when "Scrubs" ends this year she gets a good show.


Monday, March 24, 2008

You can still win free furniture!

Jordan folks are doing it again! If the Sox win the World Series, your couch could be free! But this year, the Sox have to win the first four games (aka sweep) the series. For more on the details of this sales event, click here.


Free event fashionistas!

So for those who love a fly, funky dress, head over to the Estate (man, this place is trying to get everyone in the door) on Wednesday night for a Betsey Johnson fashion show. If you heart hot pink, and the dresses you see on Wednesday, go to her store on Newbury Street later. says that the first 200 guests get goody bags, and the show is only free before 10pm. The event is from 9pm-11pm.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hollywood News

So this has been floating for a few days, but CW is going to try and bring 90210 back. Beverly Hills' favorite zip code may be getting a new cast of characters...why can't they just stick to the delicious Gossip Girl?

Justin Timberlake is rumored to be the host of this summer's ESPY, there is a first time for live blogging from a grandiose sports banquet.

M. Night Shyamalan (the director who peaked at the "Sixth Sense") is coming back with a new movie called "The Happening". Zooey Deschanel will be appearing. Speaking of Zooey, have you checked out her new band She & Him? Featuring M Ward, it's an album filled with folky songs. If you like Zooey's voice from her small bit in "Elf" and like folk, you'll like it.

New shows will be on...(thanks to EW)

The Office (9pm) - April 10 ...episodes left: 6! one episode will be Dwight and Michael joining Ryan for a night of clubbing in NYC. hahaha.
Ugly Betty (8pm) - April 24 ...episodes left: 5
Grey's (9pm) - April 24 ...5 more and thank god....this show is way too soapy.
LOST (10pm) - April 24 ...I don't know how many more...but Ben, don't kill your daughter!
House (9pm) - April 28 ...4 more
30 Rock (8:30) - April 10 ...5 more
How I Met Your Mother (8:30) - Already! Barney wore a green suit on St Patty's day! It was legendary! I gotta find a Ted! I feel him. 8 episodes left!
Scrubs (9:30pm) - April 10 (LAST SEASON) ... 5 episodes left and there is a hint that a major character is sent packing...not Turk!!!! That will be the end of it for me.
Gossip Girl (8:00pm) - April 21 ...5 more. Blaire, show some more Chuck lovin'...Nate's not giving you any.

Due to the writers' strike, Entourage will be coming back in September, instead of its normally summer season. Bummed? Hug it out.


Friday, March 21, 2008

5 Years of War

I don't really care where you stand and who you are going to vote for this Novemeber - I would just ask that you VOTE. With that, take a look at the 26 year old reporter from US News and World Report that was on the Daily Show last night (March 20th) gives a glimpse at a world many of us have never experienced and what our troops are going through in the Middle East. for videos.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

One more new place...

Alright Financial nerds...check out JA Stats "upscale neighborhood bar" at 99 Broad Street. Looks like a good lunch spot.


For those of us with ipods and who love itunes...

You may want to check this Boston Globe article out. Some new deals may be coming your way, especially when you buy your next ipod.


If you are in the South End...

Head over to 29 Newbury, which is on Newbury Street in the Back Bay/South End area...right next to Icarus. Daily Candy reports that to the long list of martinis that the bar/restaurant already has, they are adding liquid nitrogen drinks...yes, you read that correctly. Try a Banana Cream Pie, Mango Martini or a 29 Frozenccino...hmm, those sound intoxicating...literally.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My art picks

The British Print Exhibit at the MFA is fabulous. Go see it. Or wait until April and catch the El Greco/Velásquez exhibit too.

The Maori Tattoo Exhibit @ the Peabody Essex Museum that's through February 2009. It just sounds cool.

Darkness Darkness Photography exhibit at Three Columns Gallery @Harvard University's Mather House. It runs from today till April 30 and the gallery is open from 9am-6pm.


Cheaper Eats

Pick up the new Improper Bostonian with Mike Lowell on the cover and read about places to grab a meal under $10...such as a sandwich at All Star Sandwich Bar in Inman Square, Curry dishes at Pujabi Dhaba (also in Inman), Arepas at Orinoco (Shawmut Ave/South End) and more.

Also, at Z-Squared in Harvard Sq and Kenmore Sq, you can catch a new feature of $4 small plates and at the Living Room in the North End, grab $1 giant oysters from 4pm-7pm on Wednesdays.


LC's bff is coming to town!

And sadly, I don't mean Lo. Audrina will be at The Estate (The Alley on Boylston Place) on Saturday March 29...she will be hosting the Sheiki Jeans party. Last we heard, she was single and a tad bit flaky boys!

The Estate is also bringing a lot of apparently "hott" DJs to town too...the only one I had heard of is Sasha&Digweed...they will be in town April 2. For tickets, check out


From the folks who brought you Tavern in Central

And the other Tavern in Porter, soon there will be the Brighton Beer Garden ( It will have 40 HD TVs...aka, you won't be able to miss this spot b/c the TVs will be blaring into the street.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hungry Mother is officially open!

For those living near Kendall or looking for a new place near the cinema, check out this new's only open for dinner, and unfortunately the website doesn't have all menu info up yet. But the Southern themed menu sounds pretty delish. Hungry Mother is located at 233 Cardinal Madeiros Ave in Cambridge. Click here for the website.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Heads Up

Next weekend (March 28, 29 & 30) there is a fun exhibit/convention coming to Boston - Down:2:Earth - An exploration into sustainable living. It will be held at the Hynes Convention Center (aka, take the T!) and it will feature a fashion show, speakers & cooking demos. The postcard I picked up this weekend says you'll learn about alternatives in food, fashion, transportation, energy, home & garden that trend lightly on the earth.

Fashion, food and learning? Hott. Tickets are $12 for adults, $10 for students and seniors, but check out the website for possible discounts.


Madonna's new single

Anyone who listens Kiss 108 in the morning may have heard around 8:10am the new single from Madge featuring Justin Timberlake and produced by Timbaland. Apparently, the whole album is produced by Timbaland, actually.

The single is called "4 Minutes to Save the World" and sadly, no it's not about saving the world, but more about making sure you get a boy or a girl and get on that dance floor! It's really ingenious - I have never heard a song about this....NOT.

The beat is good, but so good I couldn't hear Madonna, or JT. But I do expect it to be a hit, like much of Timbaland's songs are...however, for someone who LOVES the material girl, I hope I get to hear HER on the rest of the new album.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

If you don't have a Wii, that doesn't mean you can't play

I have the fortunate situation where I do have the ability to play the Nintendo Wii, and yes folks, it is as awesome as it sounds. And apparently River Gods in Cambridge found out most of us were not able to buy one of the 15 sold at Best Buy every two weeks. So once a month (it already happened in March) River Gods is letting you come by and play Wii and the game Rock Band (the latter is happening March 25th at 10pm). There are some pictures from this month's Wii event on So go kick someone's ass in Wii tennis. :)

Click here River Gods's full calendar/website.
River Gods is at 125 River Street past the big Whole Foods near Mem Drive, and towards Central Square.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Take a day trip to JP

A friend and I hit up JP this afternoon and did little shopping and walking around Centre Street, JP's main street area. For parking (some of us don't live in this lovely neighborhood), there is plenty in the 2 hour area behind Blanchards Liquors, which is on Centre Street. Once there, if you want to head to Jamaica Pond for a nice stroll around the pond, just walk down Pond Street, or Elliot St (there are more mansions) and you're there. Around the pond is about 1.5 miles.

On Centre Street, your stomach will be turning, cause your options for food are plentiful! But, VeeVee, a new spot which has been getting good reviews won me over just with its sign (granted, I'm an urban planner). Two stores we couldn't resist heading into, On Centre (at 636 Centre St) which was filled with fun jewelry, cute housewares and unique cards. The second one, was a men/womens clothing store, Salmagundi (765 Centre Street), that had hats and fun clothes glaore. The staff was friendly just the way you like it, and even let us wear a fedora...and yes, my friend rocked it better than Britney. :)


Club Music News

I thought this article from today's Globe was an interesting talks about Girl Talk and other DJs that are making waves with the club scenes. If you like electronica, check it out.

With that, DJ Paul Oakenfold is at The Estate tonight (in the Alley). It's a $40 cover.


Pats News

Lewis Sanders of the Atlanta Falcons (played cornerback) signed with the Pats...for those not familiar with other teams (i.e. like myself), Michael Vick, infamous for his dog fighting/abuse story, was the quarterback for the Falcons until he was charged and convicted.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

TV News

Lost was awesome yet again...after some discussion, it was confirmed that Jin's grave looks like he was buried in 2004, which is odd considering it's Christmas Day in lostiesland. And Michael is back, as Kevin Johnson...interesting.

Anyhoo, other news, Britney Spears is guest spotting on the adorable "How I Met Your Mother"...hmm...I can't tell whether to be appalled or amused. Click here for the story.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

If you like art...

We all have our own opinions about art, but there is a little bit of everything at the new British prints exhibit at the MFA in Boston. The prints are from 1914-1939, so for all you history fans, yes, this is the time from World War I to the beginnings of World War II. The prints cover topics of sports, people, speed and urbanization. The prints range in beautiful colors to ones of just black and white. I didn't think I would think much of the exhibit, but it was fun and made me want to buy a print of my own. :) The exhibit is here at the MFA until June 1st. Remember, Wednesday nights after 4:45 are free.


JP is becoming my new favorite 'hood.

Well, on THAT side of the river. :)

Sidekick reports that the great bar Alchemist is hosting a different type of trivia night - and it is so tempting it might drag me over the river. Click here for the bit.

Who wants to go? I could own at this.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Two random things

JP Licks has a new pomegranate sorbet flavor and it's wonderful.

Second, Janet's song "Rock With U" sounds great. It's techno hot.



Monday, March 10, 2008

Get Your Green On!

The fab folks at put a little piece together about things to do around St. Patty's Day...well, besides that infamous Southie Parade. :)

Click here for the slideshow.


Olecito Rocks!

So, I have reported on this recently, but head over to Inman Sqaure, because Olecito is open! Burritos are $5.50 and stuffed with the good guacamole you don't have to pay extra for...and the menu includes tacos, quesadillas and mexican sandwiches. The staff was friendly and I even got a little bag of nachos! Olecito is open from 11am-9pm, so perfect for lunch or a quick dinner after work. I'm scarfing down a delicious steak burrito as we speak.


Boston Derby Dames...aka Roller Derby

So, did you know there is an awesome ladies roller derby league? Well, there is. Boston Massacre is their name, and boy do they massacre on the rink. On Saturday, I attended the Derby event, and let me tell ya, as long as you like watching sports, you'll enjoy this...I imagine men enjoy this a little more with the cute (short) outfits and girls reeling into each other. Best part - they end the derby with a party...that has a professional DJ. That's MAJOR. (thank you again Victoria Beckham)

So the Derby Dames are having a prom in Cambridge and there will be whiskey tastings and DJs and karaoke! Whiskey and karaoke sounds like a hilarious combination. Click here to get tickets to the prom (it's in mid April) and to learn more about the event.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

My review of Church

A friend and I hit up Church for brunch today before heading over to Newbury for some shopping...and I have to say, it was quite delish. It was rather quiet and the service was friendly and my bloody orange mimosa was so good, I was willing to have more (but, I am too old to get drunk at 12pm). There are lunch options on the menu, but the french toast was quite good. Definitely worth checking out if you're hitting up Fenway or going to catch a movie at the near by cinema.


Some random celeb gossip

Matt Damon and wife are havin' another baby! Man, these celebs like to procreate. But, if I were that hot, I probably would too.

And with Justin, Justin Timberlake that is - after producing Madonna's new album (along with BFF Timbaland) "Hard Candy" Justin is now set to produce a new show for NBC based on a Peruvian show...interesting.

US Weekly reports that Heidi Montag declares there was "another" woman involved in the psuedo break up with boytoy Spencer Pratt...considering they are photographed together all the freakin time, I'm going to assume this is not real, or Heidi is really an idiot.

Whitney Houston wants to dance with somebody! Or at least make new music for someone to dance to...expect a new comeback album in stores by the holidays...

ok, read Perez for more!


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Shows you may see this fall

Due to the writers strike, less new shows will be on the air. What you are most likely going to see is new shows from this season (i.e. Private Practice) stay on another season, where the Networks can figure out whether we are really watching them or not (in the case of Private Practice, we're not).

Anyways, on to the fun stuff, some new shows you may see. Entertainment Weekly reports:


1. Australian comedy Kath and Kim starring Molly Shannon
2. A Robinson Crusoe drama
3. A Canadian import called The Listener, about a mind reader. Sounds like it will match up with Medium.

On Fox:

1. Paranormal show from LOST and Alias creator JJ Abrams called Fringe featuring Joshua Jackson (aka PACEY!!!!)
2. Josh Whedon of Buffy fame comes back with Eliza Dushku in tow


1. Section 8 - a drama about a secret government agency
2. Eleventh Hour - a sci fi drama from Jerry Bruckheimer (creator of a lot of thos action flicks)

You *may* not see these, but don't be surprised if you do...I am all for Pacey coming back to the small screen, I have missed my college eye candy.


Friday, March 7, 2008

TV News

Um last night's episode of LOST? freakin rad. Can we give the guy who plays Ben an Emmy?!

Anyways, on to bigger news - reality tv news - The Hills is coming back!!! March 24th. DVR that bad boy, cause LC is in Paris and Heidi is hugging Audrina...and that's just the preview.


Something fun to do

I found this on's ever growing "thing's to do" section...which, since its beginning, has gotten much better. Click here from some info on Via Matta's fashion and drinks night.


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rumor has it...

Some of us at work already new about this, but just thought I'd share the news- owners of Ole Mexican Grill in Inman Square, which by the way, is AWESOME, opened a new little spot, conveniently called Olecito. Olecito is across the street from Ole, on Springfield Street in Cambridge. This little sister is more of a take out place, with tacos, burritos and agua fresca. Que bueno!


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Project Runway Finale - it's fierce!

Christian, in his very couture line won Season 4 of Project Runway. I think Rami and Jillian's lines also had nice pieces, and it probably is the first time where it was rather difficult to pick a winner.

The bigger news of the episode was the guest judge - Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham. Woman was HOT in an orange dress and was just overall, as our winner would say, fierce. Granted, I really enjoy how she said she uses "major" instead of fierce. Get used to that, I'll probably use it for two weeks.

Now on to Top Chef!


Keith Richards to be in the face of Louis Vuitton

First Mikhail Gorbachev, and now Keith Richards. Click here for the Bloomberg article on how this Rolling Stone is the new face of Louis Vuitton luggage.


Monella opens in Harvard Square

I may be partial, but I'm glad to see Brattle Street come alive after Jasmine Sola closed. Anyhoo, what I'm reporting about...Monella, a women's clothing boutique has opened at 29 Brattle Street. The store features brands I've never heard of (not that should say much) such as Sang Real Jeans and Zio. Daily Candy reports that they will be offering flapper like dresses which sound fun for the summah!

And for those wanting to treat themselves with a little lovin' in the intimate department, apparently, Hanky Panky (love the name) gear is there and some terry cloth robes. Fun! Let's see, check out the new Tannery, Monella, grab something to eat at Z Square and watch Purple Rain next Tuesday at the Brattle Theatre? I think so. :)


Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Apparently, Nordstorm realized some of us can't afford everything on their racks and will soon be opening an "off rack" store at the Liberty Tree Mall. Click here for the piece.


Brett Favre is retiring

After 17 years in the NFL, Brett Favre is retiring. He was named SI's Athlete of the Year in 2007.


New Shop in JP

Seriously, I have to make a day trip to JP for all these fun stores! Gumshoe is out, and 40 South Street is convenient that the name is the address! Boys, hit this up for some vintage wears, and girls, apparently its filled with fun knits and cords. Check it out!


Monday, March 3, 2008

Moss is back!

It's about freakin time! Randy Moss gets a three year deal with Pats.


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Now that spring is coming, it's time to window shop

Ladies, pick up the recent (March 08) issue of Lola. What is Lola? Why its a cute little magazine on new stores, events and other fun things in and around Boston. Since it's from the publishers of the Globe, you know its filled with fun and hip facts. Lola can be found free near Globe newsstands or in stores such as Poor Little Rich Girl in Davis Sq. The March Issue has a few pages dedicated to new small boutiques in the Boston area. Check them out for some of spring's must haves.


Trouble finding parking?

Apparently, the site can help. Subscribers (for $12 a month) can get access on his/her cell phone that will help you check if a certain spot in available, or what other options you may have in the 'hood your in...this would be great for Harvard Square and the South End where meters are hard to find.


Another Patriot bites the dust

Donte Stallworth is off to the Browns in a 7-year deal. There is another rumor (I read on that Ty Law may come back to New England...interesting. But still, where is this Randy Moss deal??!!


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Jimmy and Ben...strike back!

hahahahha. i rather be in sarah silverman's shoes.


Pats Samuel goes over to Philly Eagles

Free Agency just began for NFL stars...Samuel, who was franchised at the beginning of last season, got a deal with the Eagles for $57 million with $20 million guaranteed. Talk about "show me the money." Granted, the man has great interception stats.