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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Don't like to Gamble?

That's OK, cause now there are even more reasons to go to Foxwoods. MGM Grand is opening a new 825-room hotel and 4,000 seat theater down there. This new palace of sorts will feature restaurants of celebrity chefs Tom Colicchio's Craftsteak (you know this name cause of Top Chef), Michael Schlow's Alta Strada (of Radius fame), Gretta Monahan's G Spa and a new club, the Shrine. Shrine is a lounge/Asian kitchen. The club will feature DJ AM for opening night of 5/17, and other guests include Broady Jenner & DJ Sky Nellor (5/23), Carmen Electra & DJ Chachi (5/24) and Dave Navarro & DJ Skribble (5/25).

Click here for the compound's website.

And remember, what happens in Mashantucket, stays in Mashantucket.


Boston is offering tax breaks to JP Morgan?

While Roslindale small businesses are going out of business. Anyhoo, the point of the story. The Globe is reporting that the get JP Morgan Chase to move from their current Financial District offices to the up and coming South Boston Waterfront, the City if willing to give up to $4 million in tax breaks to the financial institution. Click here for the full article.


Publick House Provisions

We all love the Allegash and frites at the Publick House, right? So get this...the owners of the beloved Washington Square venue have opened a new venue - Publick House Provisions.

Daily Candy informs us the Provisions will be filled with such foodie things as: pomegrante black bean salsa, wild blueberry honey and get this - pheasant & rosemary pate! And tons of cheese and Belgian chocolates. OMG. :) Grab some goodies to take home and veg in front of Gossip Girl - after all hottie Michelle Trachtenberg is guesting on the show!

And of course, there is a wall of beer. Publick House Provisions is near by the bar at 1706 Beacon Street in Brookline.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rumor has it...

My gosh folks, I forgot to mention! JP Lick's is finally opening a Cambridge location in Harvard Square. Thank goodness! :) And the owner of Craigie Street Bistro is opening a new location on Main Street in Central Square called "Craigie on Main" and lastly, Boston gal's rumor mill also has the folks from Paramount (on Beacon Hill) bringing a new endeavor to Central Square called "Four Burgers"...I think I mentioned the latter one before, but just in case. ;)


Look at this cool home store!

And it has two locations in Boston already! Check out Vessel.


Celebrate the Kendall Cinema

To celebrate 10 years of just being, Embassy/Landmark Cinemas are giving you $5 admission to some great neo-classics. Below is the schedule, that starts this week. My picks? Well, all of them, but Out of Sight (G-Clooney!) and Rushmore, one of my fave's. :)

10:00 PM



10:00 PM



10:00 PM


10:00 PM




Monday, April 28, 2008

Ben and Jerry's Free Cone Day

B&J's free cone day is tomorrow 4/29. Local locations: Harvard Square (in the Garage), Newbury Street, Park Plaza Hotel Strip, & the Pru (in the food court) & in Natick (near the Collection). Try some of B&J's new organic flavors, or the number one flavor - Cherry Garcia. :)


Sunday, April 27, 2008

NFL Draft News

Day One- Patriots grab Jerod Mayo of Tennessee and Matt Ryan, the BC quarterback goes to the Atlanta Falcons.

Day Two - Pats grab Michigan linebacker Shawn Crable in the 3rd round.

For a full list of who the Pats took, click here (courtesy of

All I have to say is, the theme is defense.


The new MFA

For those arts fans, the MFA is turning over a new leaf - click here for the Globe article about the two new entrances (Huntington and Fenway) and other new additions. I know a bit about this project too if you still have an inquiring mind. :)


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Brunch @ Vee Vee

Boston gal got an email from the folks at Vee Vee, and they will be featuring brunch on Sundays, starting tomorrow. Email/menu below. :)

Hi Friends-

We're excited to say that we're starting brunch tomorrow, Sunday April 26th!
The hours for this week are 11am to 2pm then we'll expand to Saturday and Sunday 10:30am to 3pm starting next weekend.
Here's how the menu looks as of now (subject to further tweaking, of course...)

Scrambled eggs, cheddar, black beans, two salsas, fried plantains $9.
Ni├žoise salad $12.
BBQ shrimp and grits, seared greens, biscuit $12.
Salmon bacon and sweet potato hash, fried eggs, seared greens, buttermilk biscuit $10.
Frittata of roasted peppers, carmelized onions, goat cheese; homefries $8.
Fruit salad, yogurt and granola $8.
Quinoa croquettes, spiced yogurt, arugula, tomato-cucumber relish $10.
French toast, strawberry maple syrup $8.

Biscuit $3.
Black beans $3.
Grits $3.
Homefries $3.
Seared greens $3.
Fruit cup $4.

Equal Exchange Coffee or Decaf $2.
Equal Exchange Organic Tea -- Rooibus, Irish Breakfast, Green, Earl Grey $2.
Cranberry, Grapefruit or Orange juice $2
Mimosa, Sake Bloody Mary or Sangria $7


Seafood Lovers

No, don't go check out Red Lobster. This Globe review of a new seafood place in Government Center is more what I meant. :)


Dante's Inferno Brunch

Like brunch? Get hungry enough for a 3 course meal? Me too. Dante's the new restaurant in the Cambridge Royal Sonesta (Mem Drive, across from the Cambridgeside Galleria) is just the spot. Dante took over a Davio's location (as did another restaurant in their Theatre District location). anyways, on to the brunch. It's Dante's Inferno, so dish themes are: heaven, purgatory, and hell. Click here for the restaurant's website. Brunch @ Dante starts tomorrow, costs $20 and is from 11am-2pm.


The Hobbit movie may finally be made?

Guillermo del Toro, famed with making "Pan's Labyrinth" will be teaming with Peter Jackson's script for a Hobbit movie. Click here for the AP piece.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Vee Vee Reviewed

Vee Vee, the new restaurant in JP's hustling Centre Street area, is a def hot spot. The small intimate restaurant features a small but cozy bar, nice wait staff and an excellent menu featuring vegetables and seafood. Our picks are the mussels for appetizers, the tuna or shrimp and pea risotto, and the "fish of the moment." Yes, that is another term for "fish of the day." My peep's fish was this exotic fish that we unfortunately forgot the name of, but I was told was multiple times was great.

In addition to have a large wine list (featuring glass, half bottle & full bottle), the menu has a nice selection of beer, too. Most importantly (well, if you have a sweet tooth like me) the desserts are well worth Vee Vee. I would imagine a nice way to end a date is to hit up Vee Vee for a nightcap of drinks and desserts. We tried one of each, and rhubarb was a big theme, being featured in the cheesecake and the rhubarb/apple cobbler. And I devoured the banana cream pie with an oreo crust. And don't worry chocolate freaks, there is a parfait for you, too.

Go and enjoy!


In the news...

Does the Fung Wah Look Good Again?
Probably not, but this story from about the new cheaper shuttle programs sounds pretty funny. The bus driver apparently hit a construction zone. hehehehe.

Wesley Snipes got 3 years in jail for the tax misdemeanors. Paris totally started a new trend. That's hott. Just kidding. It's sucks for him.

As some of you may know, right behind (kinda of) South Station, the headquarters for the Post Office is located there. And the PO is leaving. It will be interesting to see what gets developed there as the Fort Point Channel neighborhood continues to change. Click here for the Globe story.

Arby's Inc. (this roast beef fast food joint is not often seen in New England, but it's pretty popular around the country) just made a deal to buy Wendy's for $2.4 billion. I hope this doesn't mean the end of the Frostie. :)

Remember the NFL draft is tomorrow, and the Pats have the #7 pick. ESPN's Mike & Mike reported that you can follow the draft Saturday either by ESPN radio (890 AM here in the Boston area) or on ESPN TV.

"Baby Momma" comes out! Featuring Tina Fey and Amy Pohler it is sure to be hilarious.

Ok NKOTB fans, here is a story from the Globe's A&E section, previewing the new CD. There is a song called "Sexify My Love". Why not just go Color Me Badd on us and do a remake of "I Wanna Sex You Up."


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Two more things!

Alright blogger fans, you are so hip you may know this, but hit up Starbucks and look for these business card sized pieces that are FREE itunes songs. This week - Counting Crows. This in addition to the free songs on itunes. Hollah!

And, I forgot to mention this! Suneri, a new women's fashion boutique opened up on Holland Ave in Davis Square (come off the T and go past Johnny D's). From the looks of it (I am the Boston gal you see peering in windows late at night) it's pretty freakin cute gals. Go check it out (it's now open!)

Enjoy the weather folks.


Looking for more green options?

Green is the new black, peeps. So go to Circle Furniture (on Alewife Brook Pkwy) and check out their "Green with Envy" event, where you can learn how to make your home more eco-friendly.

And, I'll just plug the Independent Film Festival happening around town, just cause. :)


Sail the Harbor!

On April 26th & 27th, Boston Sailing Center is offering FREE sailing. Click here for the full details.


Orinoco Number 2 Opens!

Like Orinoco in South End, but live in Brookline? Great news! You can try the second locale of this popular Venezuelan foodie joint. It's on Harvard Street in Brookline (T stop: Brookline Village). Click here for small website.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Boston Globe Review of Banq & another Cheap Eat

Seems like they liked the wood architecture too. Just don't get the watermelon shot, folks. The bar only has vodka, tequila and this watermelon shot...and the latter tasted worse than cough medicine.
As South Boston (and no, this time I don't mean the Waterfront, I mean SOUTHIE!) changes, best to hit it up now and take a look at the newest changing neighborhood. Go check out the Arts for Humanity green building (I recommend getting off at the Red Line Broadway stop), go to a local bar - Shenanigans, or the Playwright (a little farther up Broadway) for some real local flavor. And to start off your urban walk (remember, Southie has some beaches, too) eat your lunch at this new cafe.


Indecision 2008 & some local news

Clinton takes Pennsylvania and now the heated democratic fight starts in Indiana & North Carolina. Boy, McCain better be chilling like a villian right now...or at least fundraising!

And check out this interesting article on the condo market in and around the South End. It's interesting how the borders of that neighborhood keep the minds of developers, at least.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Did you give a tree a hug yet? Well, I hope so.

Celebrate the day or week with some eco-lovin'. Like an eco-manicure at Salon Capri in Newton. Wed-Sat this week the manicures are only $10. Hollah! Click here for the salon's website and to book an appointment!

Hit up the Method store on Newbury Street...or some of the many other stores that sell ec0-friendly clothes. The Method Store is located at 329 Newbury, or the old Jasmine Sola location.
Take a hybrid cab! Did you know that Cambridge recently added more to the fleet? They are white Saturn hybrids.

And save the date- WBOS (92.9FM) Earthfeast is May 24th on the Hatchshell.


Monday, April 21, 2008

I can't get enough of Robin Sparkles

Robin, one of the female characters on "How I Met Your Mother" was once a Debbie Gibbson/Tiffany Canadian singer. Click here for her first single, "Let's Go to the Mall" and the second one, featured on tonight's episode "Sandcastles in the Sand". Love this show. I mean how can you not!


Sunday, April 20, 2008


The Boston Globe Magazine is recommending a huge list of restaurants for occasions like - girls night out, bachelor party, drinks after work, etc. Click here for their whole list. I have to agree with them regarding many of their places, esp Silvertones (which I would argue is great for after work, too), Flour Bakery & Upstairs on the Square, just to name a few. And, this Boston gal learned something new - Pho Republique offers $2 dim sum Monday-Thursday form 5:30-7:30pm at their South End location. Hmm. dim sum and cheap? Sign me up.

They also have a list of romantic here for date worthy options. I find it humorous that Sonsie is the place to break up and Myers + Chang is the place to go after you get dumped. I can't agree more, especially with the Myers + Chang recommendation = talk about a fun place to go when you may be down, or a place to go to keep your happiness rollin'!

Lastly, click here for a review of Grezzo, the new raw foodie place in the North End.


If you like Amy Winehouse...

You should listen to Kate Nash. Or, these female pop artists that the Globe music writers recommend. I can vouch that Duffy and Adele are soulfully good.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Celeb News/Other bits

People is reporting that Britney Spears is returning to How I Met Your Mother. I can only hope that means Sarah Chalke is, too. Click here for the bit.

And that Sandra Bullock and hubby Jesse James got hit by a drunk driver in Gloucester Ma. Holy crap! Everyone is fine folks...

And the on again, off again rumor of Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz expecting and getting engaged is true - Ashlee is preggers. Well, at least Pete is marrying a girl after knockin' her up.

Lastly, want to play some games? Indecision 2008 has some fun politico games for you. Click here to find out. I do not endorse playing these at work. :)


Record Store Day!

Before itunes there was record stores! And today, across the nation they are celebrating it. Click here for Newbury Comics deals!


Review of Myers & Chang and Banq

It's my birthday bitches! And Myers and Chang is a great group dining experience. As long as you like Chinese food! Definitely try their sangria, (red for authenticity, white for the actual flavor of the drink) their dumplings (3 different types), udon noodles and more are delicious! And they give you a small little dessert to clean the palette without you even asking! It's awesome.

As for Banq, the architecture is cool. The bar area was small and not as busy as you'd want on a Friday night, but the drinks were great - like the belli-tini. Definitely worth stopping by for a a night cap.

Alright, enjoy the long weekend and Marathon Monday!


Friday, April 18, 2008

New Shoe Store!

Fashionistas! Head to the South End for a new shoe store! Daily Candy reports that Leokadia, 677 Tremont Street has opened. Click here for the Candy report.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Public Art in Cambridge!

It's so nice outside! Go take your gf, bf or bff and take them for a walk around Cambridge, to look at the public art of course!! :)

Click here for the Cambridge Arts Council's website and a map of the public art.


Things to do and see and eat!

To Eat:
Sunday, April 20th, The Fireplace in Washington Sq Brookline is doing a Pats Day special! Click here on the Globe piece.

To Drink:
Go to the Beer Summit on Friday 4/18 at the Castle. It looks like a great after work event (5:30-9pm)

To Shop:
H&M on Newbury. They have those fly scarves. Scarves are the new rage ladies. Don't you read your US Weekly?!

To See:
Forgetting Sarah Marshall opens nationwide on Friday 4/18. It looks hilarious.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Some fun free events

Hella Juice - Milky Way never disappoints, and this hip hop dance jam tomorrow looks to just add to the love of all things JP. Milky Way is on Centre Street in JP and usually has a cover, but this event is free...on a side note, on Sunday 4/20 you can bowl and watch the Big Lebowski.

Ladies Night @ News - I figured this shtick ended, but apparently not. On Wednesday nights, ladies can get a FREE 3-course dinner at News in Boston, in the Leather District. Apparently some sexy tunes by Jay P will be spun...sounds like Ray J and his hit, "Sexy Can I", and no, you cannot. You slept with Kim Kardashian. gross.


New restaurant/bar in the Financial District

Check out the Lobby, on Broad Street. Globe food critic Devra First has her review in today's Globe.


Scampo Opens

Scampo is the new restaurant added to the hip and happening Liberty Hotel. Executive chef Lydia Shire (Locke-Ober, Harvest) is opening this new Italian restaurant that will feature an open kitchen. Daily Candy reports that the restaurant will feature lamb pizza (hmm) and a Friday night special of suckling pig (huh). Grab a drink at Clink and then head to Scampo for dinner...remember to have the benjamins for this...this hotel isn't cheap.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pats 2008 Schedule

Click here for the Pats 2008 Schedule. It starts out w/ the Chiefs on Sept. 7. Wow, just seems like yesterday they lost the Superbowl?! By the way, go get your free donut today at Dunkin's! (with purchase of a coffee)


Do you own a hybrid?

So, reports that those who do can get FREE parking at the Boston Common garage on Earth Day, April 22nd. That's quite a bonus! Click here for the story.


$8 BSO tickets!

Daily Candy reports that BSO rush tickets are only $8. Hollah! Get your culture on peeps! Restrictions do apply. So click on the link for more.


Delta and Northwest Merge

Check out the Globe article on this airline merger....what does it mean? More options & higher prices.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Discovering the North Shore

You did know that the North Shore communities are less than an hour away? Good. Now go up the coast and check out these areas!

- you can even take the commuter rail up here! Check out the Main Street area - there are some great bars and restaurants in their downtown area.

Salem - its no longer just known for the Salem Witch Trials...though, those museums are a fun scream, too.

- The downtown is so quaint. And, there is enough shopping and eating to keep you busy for the day. An added bonus is the great ocean breeze you feel as you walk around! :) They are doing some fun shopping nights on May 2 & 9th up there. And from Newburyport, Plum Island is just a short car trip away. Mad Martha's is a great breakfast/brunch spot.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Let's blog about the Waterfront/Fort Point Channel area, shall we?

So, this is the upcoming spot, right? I mean, if you got half a mil to drop, this is the place to buy a condo. :)

With that, let's take a look at what's around, shall we? I'll start with places to eat, cause you can tell this Boston gal loves food.

Legal Test Kitchen - A great seafood spot with wifi and ipod docks so you can listen to Miley Cyrus all you want...oh, maybe I just want to do that. :) Martinis are great here, and reasonably priced at around $8.75. This restaurant is brought to you buy the folks behind Legal Seafoods, so you'll be sure to love it. A great place for dinner before a BOA pavilion concert.

Flour Bakery - Hands down one of my favorite places to eat in Boston. Flour originally (and still is!) opened on Washington St in the South End, and now opened a larger venue on Farnsworth St. Same menu, same awesome food. Like the lamb sandwich with chutney and goat cheese, chocolate hazelnut desserts and berry bread pudding. Oh, I'm drooling at the idea.

Lucky's - This is a great bar. Good food, great vibe, good music, cute people. Well at least men. :) They offer Sinatra brunches.

Somewhere to go & eat:

- Institute of Contemporary Art, folks. It's an architecture beauty, as floors make you feel like you are walkin' on water, or at least on a boat. Wonderful views of the City and the airport. Unfortunately, for us art aficionados, there is only one floor of actual art - the museum is mostly a cafe, theater and media lab. I bet it's beautiful to see a dance troupe perform there. For now, I'll hit it up on Thursday nights at 4pm, when it's free!

Achilles Project - Part store for men & women's apparel, part new restaurant. It's a girl's dream...and some men, too. :) I'll have a full review on this hot spot soon, but if the flashin' lights have any signal, this is soon too to be a favorite place.

Other things to do:

Just walk around! Friends for Fort Point Channel have a 1-hour walking audio tour.

Explore the artists! This 'hood used to be known for its artists lofts, not steel framed buildings. Check them out. They are a whole community in a community.

Check out the Harbor Walk. Use it and abuse it people. The harbor walk is one of the City's most untapped resources.

Other spots:
Harpoon Brewery, Bank of America Pavilion, BCAC & hotels...too many to list.

See you at Flour folks. First, I have to go find that random office building where Leo Dicaprio is filming...that's a story for another time. ;)


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Iron Chef - Boston Wins!

Normally, I would not do this, but when I saw the Boston Globe had written an article about it, I decided it was beyond my love of all things Ken Oringer. The chef behind Clio (in the Elliot Hotel), Toro (Washington St. South End) and La Verdad (Lansdowne, Fenway) was on Iron Chef this past weekend and ROCKED. It was awesome, really. It just goes to show you don't have to go to New York or Chicago to taste cuisine from a talented chef. Hooray!


Go Park in a Garage!

As if Boston's ticket prices were not high already, to get the city more money, it's been proposed to hike up the ticket prices even more. Insane! Click here for the new (proposed) prices which go up to $100 a ticket. Yikes! Good thing Boston Common Garage is $10 after 6pm. :)


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Opening Day!

Hooray, Fenway is open! Now, to find some over priced bleacher seats for later this summer... :)

A few things to do to celebrate:

Go to JP Lick's and get yourself a free ice cream cone. They are giving them away ALL day. Hollah!

If you got some free time tonight and want to re-watch the game, check out Redbones. The Globe Sidekick is reporting that the Davis Sq BBQ place will have a special menu, just for the day. Click here for the piece.


Free Coffee!

When you over expand too quickly, this is what happens - you give out free coffee to win your customers back! From 12-12:30pm TODAY, Starbucks will be giving out their signature brew "Pikes Place Roast" out. Head on over folks!


Monday, April 7, 2008

I can't believe I'll be watching Lifetime...

Apparently, Bravo's top show is leaving. Project Runway will return, but to Lifetime, not Bravo this fall. Click here for more on the 5 year deal.


Free donuts!

Dunkin Donuts wants you to get something on Tax Day, even if it's not going to be a refund. Dunkin Donuts will be giving away on Tuesday, April 15 free donuts to anyone who buys a hot coffee. Get in line early!


Saturday, April 5, 2008

This type of lawsuit will happen again.

Have you adored the new little extra feature on Google Map lately called Street View? Yeah, me too. It allows you to view the actual building of the address you are looking up, or a whole street. It's a nice feature, but a Pennsylvania couple doesn't think so, and they probably are not alone. Click here for the Globe article about how the couple is suing Google over invasion of privacy.


Set your DVRs!

For those of us who cannot make it to the Kiss Concert this year to see NKOTB live and in action, feel free to tape the Today Show, were they make their national return on May 16. Does anyone find it disappointing that they are playing NEW music? I want the Right Stuff, literally.


Frank Lloyd Wright in New Hampshire!

Looking for a day trip? Perhaps a drive up to New Hampshire is in order. Head to Portland and its wonderful downtown filled with boutiques and great restaurants. Better yet, head to Manchester (I know, I'm recommending Manchester! Times have changed, and so have places!) to the Currier Museum. The museum has a solid collection of Picassos, Monets & O'Keefes. The museum recently went through an expansion plan, which includes not only more gallery space but a Winter Garden, mosaic floor and an auditorium with a piece by contemporary artist Sol de Witt. And the Frank Lloyd Wright part? Check out the Zimmerman House, the only NE home by him. Currier Museum is at 180 Pearl St in Manchester, NH.


Thursday, April 3, 2008

TV News!

So, NBC is giving The Office a spin-off...but before we debate whether its Dwight's beet farm or Pam in art school, you will have to wait until after the 2009 Superbowl.

But...ER is going to finally end next fall with its 15th(!) season...Chuck will be back this fall, Heroes will come back with a 3-hour premiere (like a movie).

New shows - Christian Slater! He's bringing himself back in a new show called "My Worst Enemy" which has a "Bourne Identity" twist. And two new ones I've already talked about "Kath & Kim" with Molly Shannon and Selma Blair, and Knight Rider. Another new one will also be SNL on Thursdays, making a longer sketch of "Weekend Update" - it's called the Daily Show people. We don't need this.

Looking forward to seeing what ABC will have in store for us. :)


This is bizzare

So I had to post about it. A girl got attacked by a hawk at Fenway? What?!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Chain Gang

Apparently, people like cafes in the order of two or three. Z Squared (which is already located in Harvard & Kenmore Squares) is opening another location in the Financial District, at PO Square. This cafe will also try to feature three pushcarts offering coffee, crepes & gelato and hot dogs. UBurger owners (Kenmore Sq) are opening up another location at 1022 Comm Ave and lastly, City-Bar (located currently in the Lenox Hotel only) will be opening a second location at the Westin Waterfront.


Another new store!

Who said there was a recession? At least there isn't one in the high end Backy Bay/South End - I mean, TWO chocolatiers opened just this past month?! OAK opens, which stands for One of a Kind. That's right, find some unique handmade crafts at this local boutique. OAK is located at 31 Gloucester St. Click here for the website.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Will they be haningin' tough?

I will admit, I was a New Kids fan for like 5 seconds. I realize that out of my generation of women, that is like, a total shocker. I ruined my NKOTB tape as soon as I noticed all the other girls liking them...I was such a Madonna girl back then, granted, that hasn't changed. :)

But the boys, or should we say grown men (after all, Joey Mac is 35) are going to be on the Today Show on Friday. I gotta see them do the Hangin' Tough dance.