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Thursday, January 31, 2008

LOST rocks.

Sci-fi, drama, suspense, romance, everything you could ask for in a show. Welcome back.

Jeff Jensen, of Entertainment Weekly, the biggest fan out of all of us, does, as always, the best recapping. His DVR has the magic.

Lost Easter Eggs!!!


Z Square Opens New Cafe

Z Square, which owns Z Cafe in California, opened their first East Coast Restaurant/Cafe in Harvard Square in 2006 will open their second one in Kenmore Square on the BU campus. Click here for the restaurant's website.

Read more... chats

For those able to chat during the day about spots, business, movies and things to do, may want to check out the RIGHT HAND SIDE of You'll see that Globe writers and staff chat with us folks about things they are experts's a nice gesture. Globe staff also have blogs on music, movies and more, so check those out too. :) Thursdays at 11am are the weekend events chat and at noon there is TV talk. Enjoy.


Patriots' Injury Report

Check out the Globe's Patriot's Notebook today. Brady's on the report for a shoulder and not the ankle, and there are other players who are on the list (Gaffney for example). Considering some of the Giants big players are just coming off injuries and getting over the flu they got in Green Bay, I think we'll be just fine.


Gearing Up for the Superbowl

According to Mike & Mike on ESPN its just as cold down in AZ as it is here! But nonetheless, get ready for nachos, Tom Petty and some awesome football. To get ready, Daily Candy recommended Formaggio Kitchen's pre-bowl BBQ. The Winter BBQ will offer pulled pork sandwiches, ribs, roasted nuts and more. It is being held at the Cambridge store at 244 Huron Ave. The BBQ is from 11am-2pm on Saturday.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

brattle theatre's double features

Just wanted to give some recommendations on some upcoming movies at the Brattle Theatre in Harvard Square.

One, a double feature on Feb 10 (Sunday) of Adam's Rib and Bringing Up Baby. Katherine Hepburn in both, and fabulous. This my top choice.

Two, Better Off Dead, Feb 11 (Monday). John Cusack. 80's teen comedy. nuff said.

Three, double feature of Amelie and The Science of Sleep. Science of Sleep is directed by Michel Gondry, director of Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. Two good quirky movies.



indecision 2008 update

As I hope most of you heard, Edwards is out.


one more thing...

Go see Persepolis. It's in French but the language of what Iranians went through in the 80s as they left Iran for the West and those left at home is authentic and beautifully done.


the IT concert of 2008

Kanye West, Rhianna, Lupe Fiasco and NERD.

If you love hip hop, this is bananas.

As soon as dates are out, I'm there!!


Minnesota Twins cut a tentative deal with Santana

Minnesota Twins set up a tentative deal with Johan Santana. He was a potential pitcher for the Sox.


McCain Wins Florida

Senator McCain becomes the GOP forerunner as he wins Florida, Giuliani will back McCain later this week in California before Super Tuesday (Feb 5th) primaries begin. Romney & Huckabee show no signs of defeat...yet. On Dems side, Hillary beat Obama.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Boston Club News

For fans of Lansdowne, you may want to read this Globe article on how Patrick Lyons has sold part of his properties for a new House of Blues. As some may know, the first House of Blues was in Harvard Square, and closed down a few years ago. The article also mentions what Lyons (who owns such places as Game On!) is planning with the Avalon/Axis spaces.


Sometimes V-day Ain't So Bad...

Valentine's Day options:

-Upstairs on the Square in Harvard Sqaure will be hosting a variety of events, but this one seems to hit the spot - St. Singles Day Party in the Monday Club Bar. Wednesday, Feb 13th from 9:30-1:00 AM. Drinks are in the single digits, and snacks are on the house (with $13 admin fee). The restaurant recommends making a reservation, as this event sold out last year. See you there - I'll be one of the brunette's with the red drink. ;)

- Daily Candy offers a fun idea from local Chocolatier, Serenade Chocolates - chocolate pinata cakes. With retail locations at South Station Boston and Brookline, its easy to order these fun cakes at the store or online. Check out the goodies inside the cakes and the different designs. The cakes are available all year round, but V-day cakes must be ordered by Feb.8.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Finally, Bush's last State of the Union

Sometimes, people want certain politicians to stay in office forever - we keep voting Ted Kennedy in...let's just say its a good thing that Bush and his administration (his background people are scarier than he is) are in their last year.

I won't lie, I didn't watch it, I find State of the Unions depressing - everyone promises these great ideas and then nothing really happens (on both the GOP and Democrats side)...after all, these people have higher priorities than telling us what they intend to do for our country in the upcoming year. Like fundraising so they can make sure to pretend to care all over again.

Let's just hope these economic stimulus packages work out, especially for those who are in major need of saving their homes for their families, and that the troops come home safe.


Gaslight review...a la a friend

A friend of mine hit up the Gaslight Restaurant in the South End on Saturday night. To summarize his review:

-Portions were small (for some), but everything on the menu is below $20, so you can't go wrong with that. My friend hit up the place around 11:15pm and there were still customers eating at that time. However, the standing area at the bar was small, so keep that in mind if you hang with a group.

-Parking in South End can be hit or miss, buy my friends were able to get a good amount of parking on Washington Street.

-Most importantly, there was a good crowd. I have to say, for those of us above the age of 25, getting a good crowd of people somewhere is reason enough to hit that place up again.


Pats Coverage

Since I apparently have to boost my sports coverage, here is a link to's Patriots coverage. For full hour by hour info, check out Mike Reiss of the Boston Globe's blog.


Sunday, January 27, 2008

SAG Awards

Thank god for a red carpet!! It's about time. Talking about your personal life at the water cooler at work is really getting awkward, right? For the full run down on dresses, click here. Though, the trends seem to be shiny dresses or jeweled color ones, and up dos for the hair. Random note - I would love to see Angelina Jolie in a non black or grey dress. Live it up girlfriend, you have sex with Brad Pitt.


i heart ugly betty

I was just catching up on the last new show, and Gabrielle Union is Daniel's new interest...between her and Vanessa Williams wonderfully played villain, I cannot get enough of this show.


From the Sunday Boston Globe...

Arts and Entertainment Section did a nice job on local areas to see live music. Click here for a great article on hidden gems around the City to see local and national acts.

The Boston Globe Magazine did a feature called "Best of the New." Here are my picks from the magazine for food & shopping. I tried to pick some food places that were either cheap or moderately priced. Click here for the full Magazine (it's a good read and will make you very hungry).


-Diesel Cafe owners are opening up a new cafe, called Bloc 11 Cafe (on Bow Street). This cafe is in the up and coming Union Square in apparently an old bank building. From passing by it as it was being constructed, this new cafe looks to be two floors and therefore, much more space than Diesel, which is such a hot spot there are never any seats on the weekends. My best bet is try this new cafe where you'll still get the good food and coffee, but somewhere to sit.

-Myers & Chang (South End, Washington Street). Similar to what the Globe said, this new Asian restaurant is from the chefs of Via Matta, Radius & Great Bay (Christopher Myers) and Flour Bakery owner Joanne Chang so that alone should be the "I gotta get there" factor. Considering I when I think about my last supper, a part of it is Flour's roasted lamb sandwich, it's amazing I still have not dragged my ass over to this place.

-New sushi/Japanese food in the Leather District. O Ya. The description sounded cool. can't really go wrong with something on the menu that is a foie gras nigiri with a balsamic-chocolate sauce...right? Something to look into.

-I can completely vouch for this place - La Verdad on Landsdowne. As a HUGE fan of Ken Oringer's Toro restaurant in the South End, I was very excited to see his new Mexican restaurant (Oringer has been behind Clio and KO Prime). Perfect for a pre-game spot, perfect for anything. :) I could eat their guacamole all day.

-Berryline in Harvard Square sounds similar to the Pinkberry chain. It's apparently fro yo that tastes like yogurt and you can add your own toppings. I'll have to check this out after work one day.


Envi on Newbury Street is probably on the high-end, but I'm excited to see an environmentally friendly clothing shop enter the shopping mecca of the Boston area. The store apparently has Bono's wife Ali's line, Edun.

Greenward in Cambridge, between Porter & Harvard. Similar to Envi, Greenward is another environmentally friendly store with home goods and gift items.

-The whole Natick Collection. Considering this was my mall growing up, it's become an area of the Natick/Framingham shopping mile that feels completely foreign to me. I get lost in the maze of parking and rotaries now. (So, be for warned.) It's fun to go window shopping in the new wing, with Gucci, Channel, Michael Kors and other major designers boutiques. On top of that, you can try to get these designers on sale at Nordstorms a few feet away. My picks - the Apple Store, Zara and Puma store. I don't have the benjamins for the rest of that place.


Indecision 2008 Update

Taking the Daily Show headline...

Senator Obama wins South Carolina primary by a huge margin...55% for Obama, 26% for Clinton, and 17% for Edwards.

In GOP news, the Governor of Florida endorses McCain. Rudy, put your $$$ elsewhere.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

just dance

Um this is fun:

Friday, February 22
Performance World Music / CRASHarts Presents
CRASHarts Presents: Battleworks Dance Company
07:30 PM

Tickets: $35 reserved seating; $31.50 ICA members

Battleworks Dance Company has a repertory of quirky, idiosyncratic dances that are brilliantly composed and executed. Dancer and choreographer Robert Battle possesses a dance vocabulary that utilizes gesture and nuance in a beautifully bizarre way. An artist in high demand, Battle has created works for Alvin Ailey, Parsons Dance, and many others. Post-performance Q & A on February 22.

Who wants to go?


highland kitchen

Instead of Brody stalking, a friend and I hit up Highland Kitchen, a new restaurant/bar nestled on Highland Ave in Somerville in the old Devlin's location. The food was quite tasty. I would totally recommend this place, but take note - they only have one TV. So better for a date & catching up with a friend, but not a neighborhood hangout for the Red Sox games.


what i'll ask brody about when i meet him

People Magazine is saying Brody is going to keep his new lady off the Hills. Boring...LC in a catfight would be hilarious. By the way, I am betting that since LO is back, Whitney's big news is that she's not.


i spoke way too soon

apparently, jessica simpson "is totally upset" than there were rumors that tony romo and her broke up when they didn't...dude, i would be too. going from john mayer to romo to getting dumped by both...not the best year ever.


boston globe article on marjane strapi

Read the Globe article about Marjane Strapi, writer of the original Persepolis books and now the movie.


good news on the strike front

Lions Gate cut a deal!


Friday, January 25, 2008

davis square is changing

I went to the Burren tonight and was surprised when a friend, who has been quite the regular for many years, said that the live Irish music was not working for the front room anymore. So instead of having the live music, the bar just plays some Irish CD...I was totally bummed. Between Chipotle coming into the Square (which, is owned by McDonalds) and a La Contessa Bakery being turned into a second location for Shino Sushi (first one is on Newbury Street) just seems like the Davis many of us have grown up with is just turning into another destination point for Tufts students.


B-list Celebs and DJs...that's hot!

Brody Jenner and Paris Hilton at the Estate

Poor Estate. When they printed their ad about Brody Jenner coming to Boston, they said he was available. Sadly, Brody announced awhile ago that he has a special gal, and her name is "not Lauren Conrad." (Boo!) But, this Hollywood boy toy who made fame by dating Nicole Ritchie and LC (and being stepbro to The Kardashian girls) is hitting the town this Saturday. He'll be at The Estate, aka the new Big Easy, this Saturday, January 26 at 9pm. I'll be in line folks, no joke.

If Brody is not your taste, perhaps Paris is? Wednesday, February 6 at 8pm, Paris will also be coming to town. She's hosting the one-year anniversary of the club and kicking off the official Boston premiere of her new movie! If she gets killed in it like House of Wax, count me in bitches.

How Much Did these Clubs pay for these DJs?

Gypsy Bar hosted Steve Aoki and DJ AM a few weeks ago, and I was there taking it all in, but I think I'll be passing on this new set of hot DJs, which Gypsy is advertising as "Menage a Trois." Eric Cumbeechee, Sky Nellor and DJ Scene will be hitting the vinyl on February 8. Who are these people? Go and find out, peeps.


Things to do after work...

Felt- I personally don't like this place all that much (someone got raped there a few weeks ago, but maybe that's a weekend thing...) But the bar is offering $1 mini burgers and FREE pool Tuesday-Friday, 5-8pm.

Gardner After Hours - Now, this is what I want to do. Art, Music, Cocktails and people watching! Isabella Gardner Museum is opening its doors from 5pm-9pm the Third Thursday of the month for art and music dorks. Admission to the event ranges from $5-12, but music will be an additional cost. And so will drinks. I personally love their bread pudding.


For the fellas

A new barbershop is coming to town...Barbershop Lounge is hitting up Newbury Street in March. The Lounge will offer Grooming, Massage, Pool Tables, Drinks and a Plasma TV! Check out for more. I don't know how I feel about this.


Good News for Jasmine Sola fans...

Some of the Jasmine Sola shops are going to become new stores!


brady's new ad

Tom's following his woman and getting into the pages of what I hope is GQ.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

2 new stores along Mass Ave btwn Harvard & Porter

You and your boy need a new hair cut? check out Floyd's 99 a new old school style here for an article.

When you're done with your new look, a new falafel place will be opening up right next door. It looks like it will be opening up soon.


New cafe opens in Harvard Square

For those bummed that the final sales at Jasmine Sola are happening, will be happy to hear that Brattle Square isn't completely losing its touch...the new Tannery has opened (some sneakers are costing $300!), Upper Crust will be replacing Museum of Useful things, and a new independent bakery/cafe will be going in to the Au Bon Pain (near Hidden Sweets). Brattle is bringing the sexyback to Harvard Square.


Cool new store opens in Union Square, Somerville

daily candy provided this tidbit...i'll give my review this weekend after i check it out.
Grand - furniture, gift and other home items store.


ESPN as a source of pop

I underestimated sports channels until i started getting addicted to espn on sat mornings...and mike and mike on espn radio on the weekdays. this is where some men must get their bits of jessica simpson and tony romo are over!


this is bizzare

baby borrowers?

why the strike needs to end


Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson....a new single?

Check out the main page on itunes...paula and randy have a new single...the sample of it doesn't sound fabulous, but it will be a hit if its on american idol. now that is one performance to watch for - randy and paula doing a dance routine.


LO is coming back

Lo is coming back to the Hills! yay.