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Friday, May 30, 2008

Louis Boston to get a new home

Though this Boston gal cannot afford their prices, it is disappointing to see the Newbury Street staple Louis Boston move on to another Boston 'hood. Click here for the Boston Globe story.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ICA HarborWalk Concerts

Before you completely fill out your summer calendar with events and other fun stuff, remember to take a look at The Institute of Contemporary Art in the Seaport area.

On Thursday nights during the summer, the ICA has its HarborWalk concert series featuring Berklee College of Music students, faculty, and alumni. It's great music, a beautiful view, and, best of all, FREE. Seating is limited to the wooden steps/deck at the ICA so find a nice summer's Thursday and leave work early!

The ICA Calendar lists the various musicians who will be performing there this summer.


Tomorrow @ T. T. The Bear's: Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears!!

Few weeks ago on my music binge spree, I stumbled up on a band named "Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears". I have to say their whole album (Flight of the Knife), (<-iTunes Store link) just blew me away!

You can't quite pin point their sound, but you can definitely hear who influenced them. Start with David Bowie and add bit of Queen and Zappa then throw in a good measure of The Beatles... I could go on, but you get the point. Their music is a hodgepodge of eclectic musical sandwich that is deliciously fun to listen to!

Anyhoo, to catch these blokes live, head to T.T. The Bear's tomorrow, 05/29/2008. Tickets are only $10.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Harpoon Brewery's Summer Session

Music and beer go hand in hand, right? Well, the folks over at Harpoon think so. June 6th & 7th, they are having a concert series and beer festival. Acts include: Everyday Visuals (local fave), Comanchero, Clouds, Passion Pit, Retrosleeper, Viva Viva, The Peasantry & more. And of course all your favorite Harpoon flavors will be on tap. For more info click here. The Brewery is located in South Boston on Northern Ave. You can take a shuttle from South Station or the Silver Line to the party.


Front Opens

Daily Candy reports that a new shop is open in the ever so cool Fort Point Channel District. Front, the new boutique, sells yoga bags and mats, laptop sleeves, and goods made by local artists. They also sell a line of plates called "Bob's Your Uncle." Front is located @ 25 Channel Center Street in Boston.


Noir's 3rd Annual Patio Party

Ah of Boston gal's favorite places for an after work drink. Mostly because Monday-Thursday from 5pm-9pm you can get everything on their menu for $5 and less. As long as you buy one of their delicious movie-inspired drinks.

But, to the point - tomorrow, Wednesday May 28th (6pm-8pm), go check out their patio party. Noir will be featuring complimentary food and music and Milagro Cocktails for $6. Hollah!

Noir is located in Harvard Square, on the first floor of the Charles Hotel.


Wanna be a Rock Star?

Well, you can pretend to be one. Check out Rock Band the video game at River Gods in Cambridge tonight. 10pm, 125 River Street, FREE.

Be ready to ROCK.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Check Out Privus Lounge in Allston

TV Diner on local news channel NECN did a bit on the new lounge - check out the video below. The Lounge is located on Brighton Ave in Allston. Is the neighborhood going beyond sports bars? Looks like it.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Summer Music Preview

Don't want to make love in a club with Usher? Don't worry, he's not the only hit maker to be coming back with new albums. Check out the list below of artists who will be giving us some new tunes. Check out Entertainment Weekly for more articles and news.

Usher - "Here I Stand" - due out May 27th. The album apparently is an evolution of Usher from a single man to fatherhood. Single "Love in a Club" is already a hit.

Common - "Invincible Summer" due out mid-summer. Known as Kanye's collaborator and an up and coming hip-hop legend, Common as been working with Cee-lo and the Neptunes on this album. New single is called "Universal Mind Control."

Beck - "Modern Guilt" - due out early summer. Apparently, Beck departs a little from his 2006 (and a Boston gal fave) "The Information" and works with Danger Mouse to make an album that is 10 concise songs and an album that last no longer than a half hour.

-"Weezer the Red Album" - due out June 3. Single "Pork and Beans" is available everywhere.

Coldplay - "Viva La Vida" - due out June 17th. Album was produced by U2 collaborator Brian Eno. Apparently, the new album is a departure from their normal fare. Special album will be set up through their deal with iTunes. Check out singles "Vida la Vida" and "Violet Hill", which are already out.

Keri Hilson - "In a Perect World" - due out late summer. You know her, but not by face. She sings on Timbaland's "The Way I Are." But her debut CD features the talent of Timbaland, Nate "Danja" Hills and other hip-hop producers. The album is inspired by 80's synth beats. Justin Timberlake, co-wrote the single "Slow Dance." Keri sounds like she's gotta rock your body.

Ciara - "Fantasy Ride" - due out late summer. Known as the girl who broke Bow-Wow's heart, or for giving us a taste of what Alliyah would have been like had she still been alive, Ciara is a gal's R&G singer and a boy's dream. You know her songs, "1, 2 Step" and "Goodies." My favorite "Like a Boy." Ciara plans on giving us the mix of ballads and dance songs we love her for on this new album.

Nas - "Untitled" due out July 1st. Nas became famous for his feud with Kanye West, but he's an excellent rapper and dedicated husband to Kelis (she's the milkshake song girl). Nas comes back from his last album "Hip Hop is Dead" with an apparently rich album speaking about politics, the war and other sensitive issues.

My Morning Jacket - "Evil Urges" - due out June 10th. It's their 5th studio album, yet My Morning Jacket really got on the radar for their critically acclaimed album "Z". Definitely check them out, they are fun alt-country rockers.

T.I - "Paper Trail" - due out August 12th. One of my fave contemporary rappers, T.I., depsite his legal/prison issues, is back and hopefully out to win another Grammy. Check out his new single, "No Matter What" already available on iTunes. Definitely one of my summer jams.

Conor Oberst - Self titled - due out August 4th. Love Bright Eyes? Well, front man Conor Oberst is going out on his own. Since the album was made in Mexico, I'd say there is probably a latin influence on this new album.

Gym Class Heroes
- "The Quilt" - due out late August. Take a look at my girlfriend! You know that song...don't lie. And you thought it was pretty catchy, no? Well the rock/rap boys are back to get those teenagers (and those of us with teenage hearts) rowdy once again. After all, one song off the new album is called "Drunk Text Romeo". Hott.

N.E.R.D. - "Seeing Sounds" - due out June 10th. The boys are back. The famous producers, the Neptunes are back with their own band, to show the great combination of rock and hip-hop. If their first two albums can attest, this is going to be one fun album.

There are many more, but I hope this will keep you busy for awhile. Enjoy!


Friday, May 23, 2008

Get ready for brain freeze! Scooper Bowl is here again!

My humble apologies to those who look forward to the annual Scooper Bowl in Boston! I have been careless in my blogging and I am guilty for not posting this wonderful event. Yes, this is for you, Mr. CakeBread ;)

For those of you, who might be new in town, "Scooper Bowl" is all-you-can-eat ice cream event that is held at City Hall Plaza (Yeap, the second ugliest building in boston after the Department of Mental Health Building in Staniford St). 

So, grab your ice cream scoop and head over to the Scooper Bowl on June 10 - 12, 2008. 

p.s. Lactaid maybe necessary for some unfortunate peeps.

photo from the scooper bowl website


Concert in Court Yard series @ MFA

If you are a concert geek who prefers a relatively small and intimate concert experience, then "Concert in Court Yard" series at the MFA might just be your cup of tea.

It's is an outdoor summer concert series at the MFA and surprisingly handful of good indie bands/musicians are alway in the series.

This year, Beth Orton and Grizzly Bear will be performing July 2nd, 2008 and August 14th, 2008 respectively. 

Beth Orton (<-iTunes Store) came into music scene in the mid 90's when she did vocals for William Orbit and Chemical Brothers and then she gone to make her own music which was a mixture of folk/pop/electronica. 

I only got to know Grizzly Bear (<-iTunes Store) through Girl Talk's remix of "Knife" a year ago. First, I thought it was another classic Girl Talk mix, but then I stumbled on the original track few months after that and I was hook. Their music is grand symphonic melodies that has a cinematic feel to it. 

Anyhoo, even if you are not into arts & museums, if you are a music fan, then check out the Concert in Court Yard at the MFA.

Photos from


Blue Ginger expands

Famed chef Ming Tsai has made his great restaurant Blue Ginger bigger and better. The expansion allowed for the chef to have a lounge with a special menu of small snacks called "Ming Bings" and special cocktails. So if you are in the burbs and looking for a late night snack attack check out Blue Ginger at 583 Washington Street in Wellesley.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Met Bar and Grill at the Natick Collection

So, as someone who knew the Natick Mall before it became the Natick Collection, it's a pretty impressive compound. The new wing has Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom's and plenty of high end designer boutiques. That's enough about clothes. The real story here is that the people who opened the Met Club on Bolyston Street in Brookline opened a new venue in the Collection called the Met Bar and Grill. This place is pretty fun. The Bar has a whole Burger Bar, solely for sliders and different types of burgers and a shake menu which features a shake that has espresso, nutella and vanilla bean ice cream. Yum. And for an extra cost, you can upgrade your shake with some liquor.

Definitely worth stopping by this new venue, at least for a snazzy suburban night, or grabbing a burger lunch box while doing some high-end shopping. I'm going back at least for the shake. :) Met Bar and Grill is on the lower level near Nordstrom's.


Beehive's Patio Opens Saturday!

It's Memorial Day's time to bust out the white pants and patio hop. Daily Candy reports that South End fave Beehive will be opening its 80-seat patio this Saturday. The patio will serve snacks such as whipped hummus and lobster cocktails. Beehive is located on Tremont Street next to the BCA and the patio is open: Monday-Friday 5pm-11:00pm, Saturday & Sunday 10:30am-3:00pm and 5:00pm-11:00pm.


The Swell Season coming to Boston

Unless you've been living under a rock with you eyes closed and your ears shut, you may have heard of a lovely film called "Once". 

 Apart from being a wonderful film, it has a brilliant soundtrack as well (<- iTunes Store link). 

The soundtrack was written and performed by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, who also plays the lead characters in the film. 

Both Hansard and Irglova are professional musicians before they acted in the film. Hansard is a lead singer in an Irish band called "The Frames" and Irglova is a Czech singer and pianist. 

"Once" soundtrack is filled with melodic folk/singer-song-writer type songs. If you are a fan of Damien Rice, and Iron & Wine, you will definitely enjoy listen to the soundtrack.

Now, where does The Swell Season fits into all this, you ask? Well, The Swell Season is a name that Hansard and Irglova goes by when they are performing together.

The Swell Season will be performing at Agganis Arena in Boston on September 19th, 2008


Drink of the week: The Brunette

You know what they say about brunettes: Smart, Sophisticated, Exotic, ... I could go on and on, but you lazy arses can read it for yourselves at urban dictionary

Anyhoo, on a completely unrelated note, recently, a bar tender at the Savant Project recommended me a drink called "The Brunette". It's a concoction of Harpoon Oktoberfest, W. &J. Graham's fine ruby porto, and splash of lime juice. I know I know, why would you mix a proper beer with anything else. But, order it and take a sip. It's pretty dang tasty. Bit like a bastard child of red Sangria, but with a slight more punch. Perfect for a warm summer nights drink! 

So, there you have it. This week's Drink of the week: "The Brunette - a little darker and richer than the blonde, but still a good time" courtesy of the Savant Project.

If you are in the mission hill area, pop by the Savant Project and say hi to the friendly bar tender, Lynette. 

The Savent Project logo was created by the alphabet arm design


Memorial Day Open House @ MFA

If you want to pretend to be a culture vulture instead of just knocking back beers at a backyard BBQ, then you can head over to the MFA for memorial day open house this coming Monday (May 26th, 2008).

Best part of memorial day open house at the MFA is that it is FREE (For the special exhibits, it's first-come, first-serviced basis starting at 10am). So, if you never wanted to spend your hard earned dosh on museums & art, but secretly wanted to go, then check out the MFA this memorial day!

Photo from Explorer Pass


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Avoiding Graduations

It's the time of the year again when a city like Boston, with all its various colleges and universities, gets overrun by overzealous parents celebrating their kids graduating from college.

With near fights breaking out over parking spaces, moving out of apartments, dinner reservations, and everything in between, it's important to keep track of when and where these graduations are going down so that they can be avoided at all cost.

Fortunately the bulk of them happened this past weekend (Simmons, Bentley, Tufts, BC, BU, Emerson, Suffolk, and Brandeis). Upcoming ones of note are UMass Boston's on May 30th, Harvard's on June 5th and MITs on June 6th.

On the bright side, this is also a good time if you're looking to fill your apartment with mismatched and possibly bug riddled furniture.


The Cupcake Trend is here!

First, we got Kickass Cupcakes, now we got Sweet, a cupcake bakery @ 49 Mass Ave (in between Comm Ave and Marlborough St) in the Back Bay. There are special and seasonal cupcake items, but the daily menu features vanilla bean, carrot (made with organic carrots), lemon, cappuccino & dark chocolate. The bakery will also make custom orders for office parties, birthday parties and weddings.

Hours for Sweet are: Monday - Thursday 11:00 am-7:00 pm, Friday & Saturday 11:00 am-9:00 pm, Sunday 12:00pm-5:00pm.

Photo by Eric Levin/Elevin Studios


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Finally! The Ting Tings are coming to Boston!

If you've been watching some tele, I am sure you have come across one of the new iPod commercials that features "Shut Up and Let Me Go" by The Ting Tings

The duo from England pumps out unabsahedly poppy and fun songs in their new album titled "We Started Nothing" (<- This link will open iTunes and will direct you to iTunes Store).

Anyhoo, The Ting Tings will be playing at Great Scott in Boston (well, ok, Allston) on June 19th, 2008. Ticket is only $10 plus Great Scott is a small, college bar-esque venue. Kind of place that you can fool yourself into thinking you are still in college by drinking cheap beer and listening to live music. So, go and check them out!


Ice Cream without the Dairy?

Wheeler's Black Label Vegan Ice Cream opened up near the Symphony.

They posted a tentative schedule on their blog, just in time for the summer season.

Monday & Wednesday: 11:00AM - 9:30PM
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 7:00PM - 10:00PM
Saturday & Sunday: 2:00PM - 10:00PM


Look what's coming to Boston

Boston Globe reports that Mayor Menino is wooing the chains at the annual International Council of Shopping Centers convention in Vegas. A list of companies that are coming (and possibly coming) to Beantown: Steve & Barry's (known for SJP's Bitten line and Amanda Bynes' clothing line), Ulta, a cosmetic store, Tavistock Restaurant chain and Pinkberry, most notably known fro yo chain in California that Lauren and Lo on "the Hills" go to vent about their boy troubles.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Tacos for $3?! Sign me up!

Not only does the Milky Way in JP have free bowling on Monday nights, but apparently, straight from their website, they have 3 tacos for $3 on Wednesdays! yay.

Every Wednesday stop by Bella Luna 5 - 8 pm or The Milky Way Lounge & Lanes 6 - 8 pm to enjoy delicious corn tortilla tacos (lobster, shrimp, al pastor, veggie), all priced under $3! Pair your taco with a refreshing Passion Fruit Margarita or a traditional Michelada, yum!
Cost: All Tacos under $3!


New Site & a New Team

Good morning folks. The team behind "Boston on the Go" is expanding. Which means, we'll give you more fun things to read about while your procrastinate from work. :)

So look forward to hearing more about businesses, news, music, fun facts and more in the next couple of months. And we made it easier for you to find us - here is our new website:

Go out and have fun!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Miss this on SNL? So cute.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's a place where everyone wants to know your name

Hungry Mother, the new southern hospitality restaurant in Kendall Square is delicious and friendly. The late night menu items to check out-the sticky bun, the chocolate cake and the fried oysters...oh wait and the friend green tomatoes. And drink wise, the bar makes some of their own liquors and made this girl love bourbon with the no. 24 drink. So good people... :)

With friendly owners and a bartender who gives great date advice, be sure to see this Boston gal at Hungry Mother every Friday night.


National Chain Daily Grill opens in Boston

I saw the review of this new restaurant in the Globe today, hoping it was just another addition to the high-end restaurants in the Back Bay...but apparently, Daily Grill is a national chain. Check out their website with full menu here.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shut Up and Let Milk Way...Go?

Ah, my new favorite 'hood on the other side of the river is losing one of it's favorite spots...kind of. The Phoenix is reporting that due to increasing rents, Bella Luna and the Milk Way are merging and moving. Check out the article here.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dairy Bar @ Kickass Cupcakes Opens

I've had a hit or miss experience with Kickass Cupcakes, the latest trendy foodie store to open in Davis Square. The mojito and strawberry shortcake cupcakes were delish, but then they weren't available anymore. But with the new all dairy bar that just opened next door, there will be more reasons to visit. Daily Candy reports that the store will sell locally produced milk, cheeses, butter, hand-packed ice creams, and eggs from Coll Farm in New Hampshire. The owners are also planning to introduce outdoor seating and cupcake decorating parties. Fun. :) Kickass is located on Highland Street, pass the Rite-Aid in Davis.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Now that it's sunny, the Patios are open!

Desperate to sip your cocktail outside? Need to have a beer in the sunshine? Fear not folks, the restaurants and bars have taken note and are opening patios, probably as Boston Gal writes. :)

Here are some venues with patios in the Boston area. Some actually have roof decks of sorts as well. Love it. There are tons of great places for outdoor dining - most of Newbury Street, Flour & Toro in the South End, Foundation Lounge & Eastern Standard in Kenmore, Z-Squared & Noir in Harvard Square, etc. Below are some gems and just regular spots (i.e. Tia's on the Waterfront). Know of any I'm missing? Let me know!

Sanctuary Boston - 189 State Street (Financial District). Ugh, I haven't been to this bar since it opened, so no comments from me.

- 45 1/2 Mt Auburn Street, Cambridge (Harvard Square). Great place to grab a drink
with friends, or to put the moves on your date.

The Terrace @ the Hyatt Regency
- Avenue de Lafayette (Downtown Crossing). Part of the hotel restaurant, Avenue One, The Terrace is an outdoor area that will be offering cocktails & light fare.

Living Room - 101 Atlantic Ave, (North End/Waterfront). To be perfectly honest, I have no idea why there are crowds lining up to get into the Living Room every Saturday night, but there is...which most likely means it's a great place for people watching. And they offer $2.50 Coors Light drafts 24-7.

Savant Project
- 1627 Tremont Street (Mission Hill). The place to go feel like a backyard hang out. Enjoy some great drinks at this up and coming locale.

Barking Crab
- In need of fried seafood before that Pavilion concert? This is the place to hit up. Barking Crab is also providing live music Tuesday, Thursday & Fridays.

MFA Courtyard Cafe
- Huntington Ave (Fenway). This is little known the courtyard between the MFA's cafeteria and 1st floor galleries. Many of the museum's summer concerts occur in this grassy area, but on the nights that it's open (Wednesday-Friday), it's a great place to sit down and here the latest gossip over some coffee. First Fridays events are held here during the summer.

The Colonnade Roof Top Pool - 120 Huntington Ave (Back Bay). The pool opens Memorial Day, and on those hot days where all you want to do is jump in a pool - well for $30 a day (Monday-Friday) you can do just that! The pool is also for rent for private parties.


Mission Hill Summer Party

On Saturday (May 17) from 3pm-8pm you can head over to the Brigham Circle area and enjoy drinks and food from 5 local bars...good bars at that. $20 passport gets you food and drink from: The Savant Project, Flann's, The Mission, The Penguin & The Squealing Pig. Each venue visited gives you a ticket for the grand prize raffle:Red Sox tickets. When you visit each of the 5 bars, you get 5 raffle tickets and a better chance to win. Go now and grab a passport from any of the participating bars.


A bar to really watch the game like a fan

What bar? That is McGreevy's 3rd Base Saloon. Ken Casey from the Dropkick Murphy's co-owns it, and viewing from the photos, it looks like the spot as Casey puts it himself in the new Improper:"You'll see everything from Sox players to real Boston people having a good time. But it's also a place a father can bring his son to see the history."

There is tons of Red Sox history in the bar, and the pub food is slightly trendy - aka boys, you can bring a girl here for a date. There is also a VIP area with it's own back door entrance. McGreevy's is at 911 Boylston St. Click here for the saloon's website.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Boston Apple Store Opens - May 15th

On May 15th the long awaited Boylston Street Apple Store will open. The largest in the country, the store will boast 3 levels - first floor macs, second floor ipods/iphones/etc and third floor completely dedicated to genius bar and help. Fun!

The grand opening is May 15th @ 6pm. The first 1,500 customers will get free t-shirts and more surprises. Apple also announced that it will be having live concerts all weekend. :)


Friday, May 9, 2008

Achilles' Project - my review

So when you enter this Fort Point bar/retail store, you enter into what looks like an artistic expression of clothes, very expensive clothes, hanging around you and then a opening with flat screen TVs hanging from the ceiling...and then a bar. Is it a bar? A lounge? A restaurant? A clothing store with actual customer service? It's all in one.

The flat screens were showing the Sox game, but a few had Wiis...and you don't even have to sign up for the Wii's - it's first come first serve. Fun fun. And the bar has cocktails that will make you tipsy with one sip - in a good way. :)

Bar food was good - especially the bacon pretzel...we enjoyed those. The squid chickpea salad was really delicious, but my only issue was that the place was relatively expensive. I think the Achilles' Project is definitely going to be a drinking spot after a night at Lucky's and not the other way around (are crew ended up at Lucky's to actually eat a real dinner). As for the people scene - definitely caters to the crowd that works in the Fort Point Channel during the day - architects, consultants and start ups people. You know, the inventive, trendy type.

Definitely check it out, worth a trip when you are in the Channel 'hood. Just don't be surprised at your bill.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

FYI...Davis Square lovahs

While grabbing a drink with friends to celebrate another Boston gal's b-day, we came upon trivia at the Burren. Now, normally, I would love this - after all, the Burren has one of the best pub veggie burger's...but they were charging $5 a head for trivia. What is up with that?! Can I recommend something to the folks there last night - go to Orleans! They have trivia at 8pm, on Wednesdays...for free. And to the Burren - you'd have the whole back room booked with folks if you just didn't charge $5 a head. Just food for thought.


Heads Up South End Foodies!

Toro is finally open for lunch! Lunch menu includes: bocadillos aka little sandwiches, salads, cheese plates & kalamansi limeade. Lunch hours are 11am-2pm, Monday-Thursday.

New cafe has opened in the South End, at 288 Columbus to be exact. Ambriel Cafe is a sandwich/coffee shop (what isn't) with fresh scones and more. It's open Monday-Friday 7am-5pm and Saturday 8am-4pm.


Design Your Own Condom - No joke!

So, One Condoms Co. is offering a design your own condom contest. You can go to their website, enter your idea or vote for one. Winner gets a year supply and 5,000 donated in his/her name.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Go Celebrate Excelisor's 5 year Anniversay!

Did someone say $5 cocktails and free appetizers? Now, us Bostonians know that this the closest we'll ever get to happy hour.

Details of the event:
Five Year Anniversary Pary
Thursday, May 15th @ 10pm
DJ Eric Bettencourt will be spinning until 2am
Classic Excelsior Cocktails for only $5 (see list of drinks below), and complimentary hour d'eouvres from Chef Eric Brennan

Classic Cocktails for $5:
Executive Blues - Smirnoff Vodka, Mathilde Pear, Blueberry Puree, Fresh Lime
Timeless Modern - Maker's Mark, Maraschino, Bitters, Splash of Grenadine, Fresh Citrus
Southern Drawl - Maker's Mark, muddled with fresh lemon & mint
Bajito - Bacardi Rum muddles with fresh lime, mint & basil

Excelsior is located at 272 Boylston Street. Click here for the website.


T stops in Somerville & Medford are announced

Click here for the piece.


New Kids New Single - Summertime

Ah, I think NKOTB will be making a comeback.


Check out this Photography Exhibit

Boston Globe reviewed this exhibit today, but the Miller Block Gallery website does the photography more justice. Alex MacLean does aerial photography, and his photos are on display at the Miller Block Gallery on Newbury Street from now to May 20th. Click here for the gallery's website.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Boston is not LA.

Daily Candy reports that you can now hire your own paparazzi. As if the guy stalking you at the club isn't enough. Anyways, if I see this around Boston, I will make fun...just bring your own camera people!

Thanks to Daily Candy for the text below. I am still in my Cinco de Mayo food hangover.

Depending on your event (dinner in the South End, yet another charity gala), you can pick and choose your package. The simplest gets you limo service plus four photogs who’ll dart questions at you while you make an entrance. The most extravagant arms you with a faux publicist, bodyguard, two extra shooters, and two hours of fun. You can even add on hair styling and makeup for a small fee.

Pedestrians will gawk, but we promise your photos will remain private. Unless you’d prefer them not to be, of course.

Your Paparazzi for Hire (617-872-9719 or


Monday, May 5, 2008

New Music and News!!!

So, many of you heard that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon (the latter most famous for the movie Drumline) got married. And Mariah and Nick got a pre-nup. Well done. At least someone has been listening to Golddigger. Nicely done Nick Cannon, you got a cougar!

In other celeb news, my peep gave me some juicy ScarJo news - Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds are engaged. But don't worry boys and girls, if this is anything like Ryan's first engagement to Alanis Morissette, it will be over before you know about it.

As for new music. Though you may not watch the Hills & Gossip Girl as dedicatedly as I do, maybe you should. Some fun music is on those shows. Check out the fun tracks below that should keep you jammin' until Duffy's record hits stateside. xoxo Boston gal.

All songs can be found on iTunes.

Adele -this British songstress is a little slower than Lily Allen, Kate Nash or Amy Winehouse, but so sweet. Hometown Glory, a single of the week a while back is a nice pick, or Make You Feel My Love.

Ting Tings - Great DJ is the free single of the week. But download Shut Up and Let Me Go

Santogold - she's like M.I.A. esp on the single Creator. But I enjoy Shove It and LES Artistes too. The whole album sounds good.

Does It Offend You, Yeah? Seriously, that's the name of the band. I like Dawn of the Dead and Let's Make Out. I wonder, if you play the latter song, will I ever have to say what I mean? Just joshin'.

And for the pop section on your ipod - hate to love, love to hate - Chris Brown's new single Forever, Madonna's Heartbeat, 4 Minutes and Give it to Me, Ashlee Simpson's Boys and Little Miss Obsessive.


New Consignment Store hits Allston

Hey ladies, Daily Candy reports that a new consignment store has opened in Allston, at 244 Brighton Ave. Alter Eco sells jeans, tops, bags and more (apparently pieces by the designer Laundry!). Click here for their myspace page.


Gas on the cheap

I would prefer to hear that the MBTA is getting more riders as the gas prices go up, but I know not all of us have the ability to take the T. Click here and check out this website where it tells you the cheapest gas station near you. Plug in your zip code and go. I remember when gas was 99 cents a gallon...ah, high school. :)


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cinco de Mayo Events

Hola todos! Monday marks Cinco de Mayo. Do you even know why you gorge yourself on Latin food and tequila? Well, before I tell you where to go, I'm going to tell you to click here for the full history...I'm too busy to spell it out for everyone. :)


Ole (11 Springfield St, Inman Sq., Cambridge) - Cinco de Mayo is celebrated at this beloved restaurant in many ways this year - the traditional $25 all you can eat buffet (drinks are not included), and now the back room will be filled with people interested in the new a la carte dining they offering. I'm thinking Dim Sum Mexican Style. There is music and tons of fun at this place. Maybe I'm biased...after all, I've been celebrating Cinco there for the past two years.

Olecito (across from Ole) - If you and the boy or girl in your life want to watch the game and drink in your house, grab a burrito (the steak is de-lish, and I've heard the pork is too) and some corona and dance in your living room to Shakira. Though she Colombian and not Mexican, I know she is the only Latin artist you have. Don't lie.

La Verdad - (Lansdowne Street, below Lucky Strike & Jillian's) - Cinco de Mayo fiesta starts around 6:30pm at this yummy venue. The tacos and burritos are delicious, esp the fish tacos. And the drinks are so good I could get drunk off their margaritas and not realize it. If you are looking to avoid Fenway and are looking for a good date place? Try Ken Oringer's Toro. Taps as yummy. More Spain than Mexico, but still.

The Place to go to make out at the end of the night - Cactus Club, Boylston Street. This is definitely the venue to go to for drinking only on Cinco de Mayo. It's gonna be packed. Be prepared. BUT if you do go, go after work - Monday-Thursday, 4pm-7pm, appetizers are 50% off at the bar. Arriba!

Masa (439 Tremont Street, South End) - Masa is celebrating Cinco de Mayo all month with fun stuff, like food. And they have brunch buffets at $7.95 all the time. But, they are advertising a Mariachi band on Monday.

Beehive (Washington Street, South End near BCA) - Beehive is having a special a la carte menu and live entertainment.

OK hombres. feliz cinco de mayo!