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Friday, February 29, 2008

Mike Myers is back, yeah baby!

And no, not as Austin Powers. Click here for the preview of Love Guru, what is probably going to be summer's comedy hit.

And yes, Justin is in a SPEEDO.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I love the 80s...and the Brattle does too

Starting in March, the Brattle Theatre is hosting a 80s Rock movie, that's truly outrageous.

My pick - Purple Rain on March 11.

Click here for the calendar.


Um, can we talk about this?

Seriously, after 9 years of being in the NFL, Kevin Faulk gets busted with pot and a Lil' Wayne concert, no less... Click here for the Globe story.


Hooray, something for us old kids

Daily Candy reports of something I briefly mentioned - two new venues going in where Black Rhino and Aqua used to be. I used to love Aqua....when I was young. Called MKT and Central 37, these restaurant/bars is probably what a lot of people were looking for in the area.

Daily Candy states: "MKT gets a rustic feel from wood paneling (sourced from a broken-down barn in Maine), while all four stories of Central 37 are dressed in dark woods and vintage rose. DJ-about-town Tim Collins is overseeing both, which means the sound systems and music lineups are sure to rock. He’ll even sneak in one Saturday a month to open up a hidden turntable and spin a few tunes."

Apparently, menu wise, look for shareable dishes (I don't share) and seafood.

Venture out after work folks!


Monday, February 25, 2008

Restaurant Week!

Where have I been? Click here for a full list of restaurants.


Francona gets a three year deal

GM of the Red Sox will be back for three years, in a $12 million extension deal. Click here for the Globe article.


New Japanese Eatry in Allston

Daily Candy reports that Privus, at 165 Brighton Ave in Allston has opened. Apparently it has a fun decor and yummy sushi treats. Maybe worth a trip to collegeville.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

80th Oscars

Best Picture - No Country for Old Men

Best Director - Coen Brothers for No Country for Old Men (they won adapted screenplay too)

Best Original Screenplay - Diablo Cody for Juno

Best Actor - Daniel Day Lewis

Marion Cotillard won for Best Actress for La Vie en Rose, and she was so sincere, it was endearing.

Adapted Screenplay - Coen Brothers for No Country for Old Men

Tilda Swinton wins Best Supporting Actress for Michael Clayton.

Javier Bardem wins Best Supporting Actor for No Country for Old Men. In case you were curious what he was saying in spanish - he thanked his parents parents and said that this was for the actors of Spain and for Spain itself. I liked the bit about the hair cut. :) Btw, another Javier Bardem movie to see - The Sea Inside. It's spanish, but very very good.

Ratatouille wins Best Animated Film.

Jon is great. Not shocking.

Hosted by Jon Stewart, on ABC. Let's see how long I last this year...


Pre Oscars

I just wanted to say I like Laura Linney.

Renee Zellweger looks great in a silver dress, but I don't like the hair.

Katherine Heigel looks good (as always) in red.

But Penelope Cruz looks good. Viva Espana! She's date Javier Baden. Those two should get together and have adorable kids.

I don't like Hilary Swank...I know I'm alone. So therefore, I will not comment on her.

Marion Cotillard, who was in La Vie en Rose, is adorable. And looks great in Jean Paul Gautier.

Jennifer Hudson - better lookin' than last year...Andre Leon Talley, gracias.

Cameron Diaz wears the same dress, in different draping (thanks Rami for helping making that famous) in either pink or white. Can we just say, you are boring. Do something different. Please. But she came with Rick Yorn, who is Pete Yorn's brother. Which was according to E! is a fact you should know.

Keri Russell, after Ryan Seacrest spit off lyrics of "Bust a Move" stated, "Wow, I like you so much better now!" And this why you should like her.

Mylie has no friends. If you are under the age of 18 and live in the LA area, feel free to go make new friends with her. But she looks cute in Valentino.

Keri Russell, you shed your Felicity wings and fly girlfriend, cause you look great and Waitress was sweet and made me want a lot of pie.

Johan Hill and Seth Rogan are the kinda guys I want to hang out and get drunk with...anyone else?

Gary Busey just accosted Ryan Seacrest. Hilarious.

Barbara Walters Special features - Vanessa Williams (YEAH WILLY!), Ellen Page (Juno), Miley Cyrus, & Harrison Ford.

I really like Jennifer Garner's hair and jewelry...question is where is Ben?

Prince is having an after party...its the first party in years I want to go to.

Jessica Alba in a plum Marchesa dress looks glowing.

Why is Miley Cryus at the Oscars?! Btw, random fact, a la ABC - her birth name: Destiny Hope Cyrus...where did she get Miley?

Patrick Dempsey has a doll. And Ryan Seacrest has one. TMI.

Get Smart - movie with Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway...June 20th. Apparently based on a TV show that Anne watched on Nick at Night. :)

Can we mention that Steve Carrell and his wife Nancy are pretty adorable? I think so.

Amy Adams is gorgeous in Proenza Schuler, in apparently a green dress .

The girl from Atonement makes me want to be young again. Adorably Irish? Scottish?

Red and black are the colors of the night.


Jason Bateman said that there might be an Arrested Development movie - that would be rad.

Anne Hathaway, always looks good. Maybe once, at last year's Oscars in that white dress with a big black bow (Valentino one). But her red dress with flowers tonight (Marchesa) is fabulous! Btw, look for her as the new face for Lancome perfume.

Heidi Klum in red Galliano looked glamorific.

Amy Ryan, from Gone Baby Gone, looks fabulous in black Calvin Klein.

George Clooney, is always, always classy. Love it. Brought the young GF...who he met in Vegas. hott.


Indecision 2008 Update

Nader is running again for President...for realz? Doesn't he get we don't have proportional representation like other parts of the world? Click here for more on Nader.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Music Picks

Let's be the snow piles up here in Boston (the idea of using my car doesn't sound fun right now) there are more things you want to do inside than out...for example, last weekend while I was sick I watched LA Confidential, License to Drive, Food Network and this was all with basic cable. Very nice.

Anyhoo, sometimes music can warm you up even when your body is what will I be listening to while I shovel myself out today? Check these bands/artists out:

Side Note: All these can be found on iTunes.

Rock/Alternative (many of these were recommended by a hip friend. He's proving 30 is the new 20):
1. Tokyo Police Club - The album is short and sweet and full of drums. I would download "Be Good" and "Nature of the Experiment".
2. Vampire Weekend - Columbia grads rock it. Download - "Campus" and "A-Vamp"
3. Band of Horses - I sampled briefly the band's first album, but the sophomore effort "Cease to Exist" that sounded better to me. Download - "No One's Gonna Love You" and "Is There a Ghost"
4. The Cribs - As my friend said, if you like the Strokes (and to be honest, a little of the beats remind me of old school REM), check this band out. I got really excited sampling them I downloaded the whole album. And, the best, the new album's name? "Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever." Whatever indeed. Download - "Men's Needs", "Women's Needs", "Girls Like Mystery"...or the whole album. :)
5. 1990s- Album cover for "Cookies" is so throw back to the 80s (not the 90s) but their songs are fun. But I like "You Made Me Like It"
6. Rogue Wave - New Album is "Asleep At Heaven's Gate" and sounds good. But the instrumental beginning to "Harmonium" is great. I can only imagine this song live being totally awesome and rad. Yes, rad. Bring rad back, like sexy has. From previous albums - "Publish My Love" and the song released as a single "Eyes."
7. Shout Out Louds - Swedish rockers have a lot of fun. From their first album, get "The Comeback" and from their newer album, get "Tonight I Have to Leave It".
8. Nada Surf - I love this band. Mostly their old stuff, though the new album has some interesting tracks. Old school songs like "Blankest Year" rock, "Inside of Love" either makes you want to hug someone or cry, "The Way You Way Your Head" is a head bopper. On the new album, "Whose Authority", "Beautiful Beat" and "Weightless" win my picks.
9. The Thrills - Their second album came out right before the holidays, but if you ever want to feel like your in Cali when your not, "Big Sur" will do the trick. "Teenager" the newest album, is a fun listen.

Pop/Hip-hop and R&B and everything else:
1. Rihanna...not everything. "Please Don't Stop the Music" has been overplayed, but New York was already playing her JT produced track "Rehab" in January, which usually means it gets here in March. And it doesn't sound like Amy's but more like any JT ballad you don't admit you public. ;)
2. Kate Nash - I mentioned her on the blog before - she's BFFs with Lily Allen, so really, what's not to love. Download "Foundations", "Pumpkin Soup" and "D******d".
3. Lori McKenna - she is probably not pop, but more country. But her newest album, is "Unglamorous" and man those songs are well written. "Witness to Your Life" and "I'm Not Crazy" and "Your Next Lover" help heal those achy, breaky, hearts and make you want it broken all over again.
4. I have heard good things about the new Goldfrapp album coming out soon.
5. Chris Brown - after you switch the channel during "Kiss Kiss" and "With You" download "Down" feat Kanye West.
6. Bow Wow and Omarion - "Girlfriend" hit its peak, but "He Ain't Gotta Know" will get you ready for the summer jams.
7. Sean Kingston - I HATED Beautiful Girls...but "Take Your There" as much as it's played, makes me want to dance every freakin' time. Now, that's a good song...even if it talks about taking me to the slums of the West Indies, which for some reason I'm dying to go to now.
8. Chrisette Michele - Vh1's "Artist to Watch" hits a nice note with "Best of Me"
9. The Dream - Shawty is the Shit. But "Luv Songs" is the song to go to 3rd base with.
10. T.I. - "Tell 'Em I Said That" or the Wyclef song he is featured on, "Slow Down"
11. Justin Timberlake - "Sexy Ladies" just cause. :)
12. Mark Ronson - producer of trades went solo with friends and I still can't get enough of his Robbie Williams featured song, "The Only One I Know"
13. Kanye West - On "Graduation," the newest album - "Good Morning", "Champion"
14. Flo Rida - And no, I'm not recommending "Low" the most overplayed song on the hip hop and pop charts. I never want to see apple bottom jeans...but I will recommend the newest song he did with Timbaland, "Elevator", cause soon instead of "ella, ella" meaning "Umbrella" its going to mean "Elevator"
15. Lupe Fiasco - his first album "Food & Liquor" made me remember why I love hip hop, and his second album "The Cool" is just adding to that. Don't have "Superstar" yet? download it. Others to get - "Paris, Toyko", "Gold Watch", "Fighters" and "Hi-Definition"...last one features Snoop.
16. Speaking of Snoop, his new single "Senual Seduction" is a fun throw back to the 70s. And, considering I love his reality show on E! featuring his family, I gotta give a shout out to D-O-double G.

What are your recommendations? Post people. The more you know, the more you grow.

Alright, see everyone tomorrow when I blog live during the Oscars.


From the Owners of Mantra

Boston Globe's Sauce section reviewed Banq, a new restaurant by the owners of Mantra. Click here for the Globe's review. Sounds like what people said about Mantra when they just opened.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Lost - New Station

Check out a hint as to why the polar bear was found in Tunisia.


JT News!

Justin is taking a break from music (boo) and doing some more acting (hmm) and modeling (yum).


Celebs in Boston

As some of you may have heard, Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner are in Boston shooting a film called "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past." Hmm, hopefully it will be better than a movie version of my "Ghosts of Jerkfaces Past" Just kidding. I love all my exboyfriends. :)

Anyways, click here for the Globe piece on the sightings and the photo of Matty with shorter hair. I like it.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Salvation Brunch"

Globe Sidekick reports that Church, a new music/restaurant spot in Boston, offers a new brunch. Click here for the menu. Doesn't it sound yummy and affordable?!


Bankrupt! & Other Business News

Sharper Image is filing for bankruptcy. As many consumers are not buying those chic gadgets (unless made by Apple, of course) Sharper Images sales are going here for the full Globe article. Don't be surprised if the Pru store goes out of business!

Myspace is going crazy about music. OR another sign Rupert Murdoch wants to take over the rest of the media world.


Daily Candy Reports!

You know, I'm not a fan of Allston (no offense to those who live there) but if you are there this weekend there will be a Rock City Prom on Saturday night starting at 9pm, at the Common Ground, which is on Harvard Ave...aka, college bar row. I'm sorry, am I the only one who calls it that?

Channel, oh my! - Take it some freakin awesome Afternoon tea at the Taj Hotel (corners of Arlington/Newbury Streets) and a preview of the Channel Trunk Show...tea will feature desserts inspired by the spring/summer line. Considering I did tea at the Taj last year as part of my "i'm in my late 20s b-day party" I would highly recommend this! They are featuring this tea at 2pm and 4pm on Saturday, and the 411 is: The Lounge at Taj Boston, 15 Arlington St., Back Bay (617-598-5255). Reservations required.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Indecision 2008 Update

Obama wins his home state of Hawaii and the additional votes of Wisconsin, while McCain leads the GOP...why hasn't Huckabee dropped out of the race yet? Seriously.


Easy Recipe

Alright boys and girls - here's a recipe from the Globe food section that is easy to make and good for you.


Instead of an Oscar Party

Go see the nominated film shorts. Starting at the end of the month, the ICA is showing the nominated live action and animated film shorts from 2007's Oscars race. Click here for the program schedule.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Things I read about that YOU can do on Friday:

Impact 2008 Fashion Show...BU is having a fashion show inspired by the cinema. Proceeds from the $12 admission benefit Umoja, BU's black student union. The event starts at 7pm...check out BU's website for more? This will be filled with college kids...for girls looking to be a PUMA, that's hott.

Audrey Hepburn Night at 75 Chestnut, located at 75 Chestnut Street on Beacon Hill. The night starts at 5pm and will be featuring at Audrey look-a-like contest, cocktails and a raffle. Chestnut Street is off Charles Street. This would be more fun if they showed Breakfast at Tiffany's or Roman Holiday, too.


The everything in one place trend

Want a place where you can shop and dine? Well, Daily Candy reports that the The Achilles Project, 283 Summer Street (Fort Point Channel 'hood) is the newest addition to this trend. The store has a restaurant and a clothing store that features jackets and jeans and other goods for both men and women. As this area of Boston increasingly loses its artsy condos, glad that some places are still making it hip. Plus, the website is fun.


Movie to Catch

Michel Gondry is genius. I will be taking this in this weekend at Kendall (thanks to Kendall Sq Cinema for the text and picture):

Jack Black and Mos Def star in a unique comedy from Academy Award-winning writer/director Michel Gondry (The Science of Sleep, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). Black stars as a loveable loser stuck in a life that's too small for his big dreams. But when he unintentionally erases all the tapes in a video store where his best friend (Mos Def) works, he devises a plan to satisfy the store's few loyal customers by re-creating and re-filming every movie they decide to rent. Co-starring Danny Glover, Melonie Diaz and Mia Farrow. Official Web Site

Opens nationwide Friday.


Castro Resigns

The politics of Cuba just got interesting. Fidel Castro just said that he will resign as president of Cuba today.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Knight Rider Returns

All of you who dreams of having your own KITT and relive the dream again as the new Knight Rider series begins tonight on NBC -9pm/ET. Thankfully, this one is sans David Hasselhoff.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Heidi's not taking the Backlash

Really, I have nothing to say to this besides Heidi and Spencer live in their own world.


Converse at Target

Converse Shoes aka Chuck Taylor's were launched in 1917 and continue to be a fashion staple. And now Converse is expanding into the Target market with a womens and mens line of shoes and clothing. Check out the line here.


Friday, February 15, 2008

Heads Up

Usher came out with a new single that is suppose to give Justin a run for his money. HIGHLY DOUBTFUL. But search "love you in the club" on you tube and let me know what you think.

The Oscars are a week from Sunday. They will held on Feb 24th and Jon Stewart is hosting. Expect live blogging!


Kanye West/Rihanna/Lupe Fiasco Tour

Apparently comes to Boston on May 12...but Ticketmaster has not released the ticket sale date yet.


TV Recap

Project Runway - looking forward to the Rami/Chris showdown and seeing if Christain is fierce or if he's all talk. Go Jillian!

LOST - Sayid is awesome. So I think Ben time travels...thoughts? But why all the money? And what was up with the passports? Maybe these EW articles will help. One and two.


Do you like your food raw?

Daily Candy (can you tell I am a fan of theirs?) reports that Grezzo, a raw food oriented bar opened up in the North End. Click here for the restaurant's website. Sounds like this is an interesting place to hit up...especially with items such as wild mushroom ravioli w/ asparagus cream and anise-infused dark chocolate ganache truffles. Yum and yum.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oh yeah and...

Happy Heart Day. Give someone a hug, it's a nice thing to do.

For those without plans or dates, I personally recommend watching LOST tonight. It's going to be awesome...especially since more secrets should be revealed. 9pm on ABC.

Woohoo. And I'll update on Project Runway later tonight too. So no comments about who got knocked out.


Something to do on Sunday

Party like a Rock Star on Sunday!

It's a three day weekend for a lot of us folks. Woohoo. And Whiskey Park (64 Arlington St) is throwin' a party on Sunday. Daily Candy reports that on Sunday, Feb 17 from 9pm-2am the shin dig will feature The Japanese Swing cats, DJ and NO COVER! Dress up like Lincoln and you'll be sure to score.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

strike ends, but what starts up?

check out the LA Times grid by channel and find out what show is coming back.


Urban Dictionary Words

Start using the phrases!

"UDI" - Unidentified Drinking Injury. When one is drunk, one picks up random bruises, aches and pains. For example, I got a UDI on the steps near the Cask in Flagon in college. It's why I don't do shots of tequila.

"Self First" - The rule you use to get out of the "bros befo hoes" rule. Only to be used when there is a >80% chance of you getting laid. "I know our rule is bros befo hoes, but you see that girl all up on me? It's self-first tonight. Sorry Playa."


Underground Shopping

So as many fans of the Tannery know, they left their underground shop for the street level store a few months ago. It's pretty hip and happening, the new Tannery (37 Brattle St, Harvard Sq).

But, there is an underground, and as Daily Candy reported today, it's open. It's called Concepts, and has limited edition sneakers, skateboards, snowboards, hip clothes, and probably is playing Lupe Fiasco's "Kick, Push" or "Superstar."

And get this - there is a glassed in booth, for DJing, and a VIP Lounge...this is the new wave of the shopping experience.

Well worth a peek, even if I can't afford it. ;)


Catching Up on Your Oscar Noms

Globe Sidekick today mentioned that an organization called the Lunch Club is getting a bunch of people together for a screening of "There Will Be Blood" tonight at Loews. You go see the movie with strangers and grab a drink afterwards with them too. Since I have to, yes, HAVE TO, hit up the St. Single's Day party at Upstairs on the Square tonight, I figured I'd see if this Lunch Club had more movies to offer...well, they do, and a game night! Woohoo. Click here for their Boston events.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Indecision 2008 Update

Obama is leading the "crabmeat" primaries...anyone who saw Daily Show last night gets that reference. ;)


Before It Gets Busy At Fenway...

For all of you baseball fans who actually like to play, go down to GAME ON! where you can practice batting in the actual Red Sox Batting Cage...well, the visitors' cage. Click here for the Globe article.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Heidi Montag Spotting!

Alright Hills fans...can't wait to make fun of Heidi? Well, you don't have to wait until Season 3 Part 2 of the Hills. Just go to the Pop section of ITunes and see her self-released single "Higher." It SUCKS. Not surprising! But while you are there, click on the video. What I saw, was just her dancing on the beach. Obviously, Spencer taped this. If I really wanted to see a home video, well, Heidi knows how to be the next Paris.




I may be slightly biased...but this article about going to Iran (from the Travel Section in the NYTimes) caught my eye. It's a great country to visit...well, if you're up for airport security. Check it out!


New restaurant in JP

Daily Candy reports that there is a new restaurant in JP. Vee Vee is a new place on Centre Street (763 Centre) that has a menu oriented towards seafood and veggie plates. Prices are $20 and below. Click here for Vee Vee's website.


Sunday, February 10, 2008


Herbie Hancock beats out Kanye, Amy, Vince Gill and Foo Fighters for best album. Diversify! it's about time grammy voters spreaded the wealth.

It's Amy's year...despite rehab and her "blake blake" being incarcerated. Amy W. wins Record of the Year with "Rehab"

Rihanna and Jay Z win for the Best Rap Collaboration.

Um, best comment of the night. Vince Gill, winning for Best Country Album. Says, "Wow I just got an award from a Beatle (Ringo Starr). Has that happen to you Kanye?"

I probably got that a bit wrong, but Vince Gill made the Grammys. Also the camera man who zoomed to Kanye laughing.

Foo Fighters won Best Rock Album.

Feist performed well. I would have liked the dance from her video though, too. :)

Chris Brown also had given us some trivia with Fresh Prince (aka Will Smith) and DJ Jazzy Jeff winning the first grammy for best rap performance with "Parents Just Don't Understand." Ah...I feel old. Especially considering Chris Brown was born that year. 1989. WOW.

Kanye West wins Best Rap Album. People actually cut him off when he's talking about his mom.

Go Amy! She just nabbed another Grammy, for Best Song of the Year (songwriting) for Rehab.

Beyonce has now performed on the Grammys with Prince and Tina Turner. Is she really in that caliber? Perhaps we will think that in 20 years...hmm...debatable.

Your question have to text.

So I love Kanye West. But that performance, with the white sunglasses, lighted violins and DJs and was awesome. I HAVE TO go to the concert. Most importantly, the "Hey Mama" song, which was on Kanye's sophomore album, was beautiful...I choked up.

Amy Winehouse wins Best New Artist...YEAH! Let's bring the beehives back.

In case you were wondering what Time song that was "Jungle Love". (The R&B band that performed before/during/after Rihanna.)

Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats" was a good opening pick as it crossed over from the country charts to pop. Alicia Keys' whole outfit doesn't work for me.


More Pre-Grammy

Nelly Furtado - the dress was pretty, but I don't like the blond. She said it disguises her...perhaps if she doesn't like being famous, she should consider not making music instead of going blond.

And is it just me, but she always sounds high...

Fergie - looked good and G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S in CK.

Colibe Caliet (sp?) - there is a way to look beachy without looking like you just came from the beach...just sayin'.

For the fellas: Armani dresses a man well - John Legend and Ludacris were HOT in the designer, and Jay Z in Tom Ford was fly as always.

And E! Anchor Juliana needs to stop telling celebs that she got married. NO ONE CARES. And those who do, know already cause you mentioned it 50 times.


Grammy Pre-Show

Due to some wireless difficulties, I will attempt as much as possible to blog during the show. Granted, I think I have like one reader.

Comments on the pre-show- this is pretty much commenting on what people are wearing, but I would like to make an overall statement on men in rock/punk alt bands, such as the boys in Paramore, up for Best New Artist. What is up with the bang swept hair do? It's fugly. Moreover, its three years ago. Hollywood hair stylists, let's make a new look.

Rhianna was adorable in a blue Zac Posen dress, new boyish cut and orange nails. Only a young girl like her can rock it.

And, E! Please do not have rock bands, like Daughtry try to do the Solider Boy dance. It's kinda disturbing.


Savant Project Review

Some friends and I hit up the Savant Project in Mission Hill area, on Tremont Street. The bar area itself is really cozy, great for a date or hanging out with friends, but I knew I fell in love with the place when the TV above the bar was playing Jim Henson's Labyrinth. Hott! (Btw, the waitress said the movies change)

The menu has fun cocktails (the seasonal wildberry mojito was delish) and the food is separated into tapas and full menu. The food was overall good, but the paella I got was more indian rice fare than traditional paella. So, I would recommend hitting this place up for some drinks and dessert (fried twinkie! is back in Boston!) or drinks and apps.


The Corey's on A&E

Can we talk about the Corey Feldman and Corey Haim show on A&E? It's kinda fucking awesome. As someone who was and is, an avid fan of the Corey movies, this is a show that makes you realize that being a celeb sucks.

Things you learn from this show:

1. Haim is not over being famous in his early teens.
2. Drugs fucked them both up.
3. Corey Feldman's sex life is going to be ruined by Haim's lack of one.

Best Corey Feldman and Haim movies:
1. Goonies (Feldman)
2. License to Drive (both)
3. Stand By Me (Feldman)
4. Lost Boys (both)
5. Dream a Little Dream (both)

6. Lucas (*thank you the anon post, totally forgot. my bad).


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Grammy's 50th Show

I'll be blogging during the pre show and the show. Get ready!

I hope Amy Winehouse is there.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Indecision 2008 Update

Romney's Out.


For my friend that hearts Val Kilmer

EW is reporting that Val Kilmer is going to be voice KITT in the new Knight Rider movie.


Green is the New Red

Check out the Boston's Globe's Eco Friendly V-Day chocolate, yum!


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Project Runway recap

Glad Rickie finally left. A bathing suit is not a WWE outfit!

Christian and Chris were FIERCE!

go to for info.


They are remixing Thriller

We all know the saying, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. So what were the new hip hop stars thinking?? On Tuesday, 2/12, Kayne, Akon and Fergie, to name a few, will be on the new Thriller. Check out a pre-released version on jamin' 94.5.


Saint had food?

Apparently. Boston Business Journal released today that the former chef of the nightclub Saint (near the Boston Public Library in the Back Bay) will be opening his own restaurant called Central 37. Central 37 will be a fine-dining restaurant at 21 Broad St., the old The Black Rhino, which closed last year. Central 37 is expected to open next month.

Black Rhino was next to the Financial District Bar Aqua, which will be a new lounge called Market. Market, at 120 Water Street. The old Black Rhino roof deck will be apart of this new venue and will open I assume by summer.


Jetblue to offer even more flights

Click here for the report.


If the writer's strike ends...

News is that the WGA may end soon...Hollah! Click here to what producers of some of our fave shows are saying on what they can do to wrap up the seasons (thanks to EW).


Winterfest in Lowell

Just to give a shout out to the Merrimack Valley...for those missing the fun of summer concerts and being outdoors, Lowell puts on a pretty fun outdoor concert and family activites...the tents are heated and have bars, for those who are worried they may freeze to death. Watch out for the rowdy college kids! Check out the info here.


New Chocolate Store Opens

ChocoLee Chocolates, located at 83 Pembroke Street, in the South End is open. The owner has worked a number of high end restaurants before opening her own chocolate shop. The shop seems to be oriented towards truffles. Anything chocolate sounds delish. Go check it out!


Indecision 2008 Update

Clinton gets Cali, but Obama gets more states overall...too bad I don't think these two would do a ticket GOP news, McCain leads.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Indecision 2008 Update

I just have a few comments before we head into tomorrow and get a real sense of what the primary map will look like-

One, MA Republicans - you voted for Romney? really.

Two, I cannot say this enough - a woman and an African American man are running for president and getting A LOT of votes. YEAH!

Three, Economy is the biggest issue in both parties. It's definitely going to be an issue for the upcoming year.

Four, Diane Sawyer on the ABC NEWS coverage told New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson (who ran for President before dropping out around the New Hampshire primary) that his new beard made him look like Justin Timberlake.



Around town

From the Improper Bostonian:

-B-side Lounge offers chocolate fondue with dipping sugar-dredged dried fruit as one of the different dipping options. Yum!

-Inman Square has a new Italian restaurant- Benatti, named after its owner. Meals include handmade pastas and prices for entrees seem to start around $15. Check out the restaurant at 1128 Cambridge Street.

-Check out a wine company called Amazing Wine Food Company - the company makes four red wines and one white and are named after food they should be paired with - such as "With Roasted Chicken", "With Grilled Steak" and "With Pizza" look for the black bottles in local stores. Great pick up before a dinner party!

-Masa, spanish/mexican restaurant in the South End on Tremont Street is offering Saturday and Sunday brunch fiestas for only $7.95! The menu includes breakfast tapas and main courses like creamy scrambled eggs with chorizo and Mexican farmer's and yummy? Score!

-In the Theatre District? Want to impress the girl you are taking to the movies? Teatro, an Italian restaurant right next door to the Loews Boston Common on Tremont is providing a prix-fixe menu for $29.00. The three course menu is being offered earlier in the night. Check out their menu and info on their website.



I'll probably give the low down on Super Tuesday tomorrow or later tonight...but in other news - Tom Brady and Randy Moss opt out on the Pro Bowl (which is this Sunday on Fox). The Superbowl drew its highest ratings of any Superbowl and was the 2nd most highest rated show in history (the first being the MASH finale). 43% of the population watched the bowl.


Monday, February 4, 2008

Remember to Vote!

Folks, Super Tuesday is coming up, and don't forget to vote. In Massachusetts, Independents and Unenrolled are allowed to vote tomorrow. For a 411 on what each candidate thinks about the issues, check out's list.


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ugh, is right.

As the hosts on WEEI said on my way home tonight, we are all sad, frustrated and upset...but we all have each other to get through it. Tonight's game was not what a lot of us had anticipated for Patriots history, but the Giants played well.

Anyways, on to lighter things, a review of the Superbowl ads. One, they sucked, am I right? Nothing really lighted the mood. However, some ads were good. Below is my pick for companies that made it work:

1. The Pepsi commercials. The Diet Pepsi, "Night at the Roxbury" ad was entertaining, and of course the Justin Timberlake ad was cute. I would like no one else but him to say "Hey You" to me.
2. The NFL Super/Superbowl Ads - the stories were cute and funny.
3. E-trade's baby ad. Renting a clown, the whole bit worked.
4. The only Bud ad that worked was the one where Will Farrell pimped his new movie. "Bud Light - Great Valentine's Day Gift. Bud Light - Suck One."

to see all the ads, check out


Hopefully my first and last rant

Now, as many readers know, I like to shake a tail feather or two. I haven't been to every club in Boston, but I've been to some. Anyways, on to my rant.

A few years ago, you could hear a whole song at a club. Why is that not the case anymore? Not everyone, but some people, go to clubs because you want to hear the song from the radio in a club. So, play the whole freakin song. I understand mixing is important, but mixing to the point where no one hears a song in its full capacity is ridiculous. Until this changes, I'm dancing by my room, in the car, pretty much anywhere else besides a club.

At least that way I won't get ass slapped on the dance floor either. But the way guys look and touch girls in a club is a completely different story. I will give this advice to some men - unless the girl is looking at you or gives you the nod, don't just go and touch her. Especially her ass and waist. And don't tell me we ask for it. Those of us who are dancing with our girlfriends and singing along to Rhianna or Usher, are NOT asking for it. We came out for a good time.

And to Fransisco, who came up to us at the bar last night - don't ask a girl if she knows what kind of shampoo her friend uses or that you met your friend (aka wingman) in a feminist class. Just doesn't make you score.


Saturday, February 2, 2008

If you like...

If you like Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse, listen to the next British artist - Kate Nash.


Janet's New Single

Janet Jackson (Ms Jackson if you're nasty) has come out with a new single called Feedback. In the video she is looking good and the chorus is catchy for a dance song. Check out the video here and let me know what you think.



A friend pointed me in the direction of this. Sarah Silverman doesn't usually humor me much, but this works. Watch this. You'll get a new love for Matt Damon, too. :)


Entertainment News...

EW is reporting that Lisa Kudrow and David Bowie are going to be in a musical together...hmmm...if its like Labyrinth I'm intrigued.


Friday, February 1, 2008

Boy Band 101

It seems that many people (ok, a few friends) are not up to date on their boy bands. I am here to educate. I would like to say that my resources came from Wikipedia and myself and my love for all things pop.

Definition - A boy band is usually a group of young, attractive male singers. Usually, there is one member of the band (usually the tenor) that is not that attractive (Chris Kirkpatrick, for Nsync). Though the name may make you think that the group have musical talent, usually that is not true. Most boy bands are boys with good voices and the ability to dance, or "pop and lock" really well. - basically, they are not usually artists, but entertainers. And of course, one of their most impressive talents is make the girls swoon. Most bands have a about 5 members, though Menudo and others have been known to have more. The opposite of a boy band is a girl group, such as Spice Girls, Dream, and Pussycat Dolls.

History -
Though there may be an argument to which group was the first "boy band", many could argue that the beginnings to the Beatles, Jackson 5 and other motown male groups were the beginning. These groups basically showed a lot of music producers what sells. Nonetheless, many say the Monkees were the first boy band, though, they arguably were more popular b/c of their TV show and not their music. But, all in all, boy bands became a trend by music producer Maurice Starr, who produced for New Edition and New Kids.

Some of the Top Boy Bands- who's in them (when important), what's their well known songs, etc...
1. New Edition (formed in 1980). where Bobby Brown got his start. These boys were an R&B boy band, who originated from Dorchester MA. Band members: Ralph Tresvant, Bobby Brown, Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe. Songs: Candy Girl, Mr. Telephone Man. They also had a couple of hits when they reunited in 1996. Also known fact: 3 members, Bell, Bivins & DeVoe made up another boy band, BellBivDevoe, which of course came up with the wonderful 90s hit, "Poison".
2. New Kids on the Block (NKOB) (1984). Formed in Boston. Most of the boys grew up as childhood friends. Members: Jordan and Jonathan McKnight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg & Danny Wood. Songs: Hangin' Tough, Step by Step, Cover Girl, Didn't I (Blow Your Mind). Joey & Jordan attempted single careers in the 90s to moderate success (Joey did Dancing with the Stars, too), Donnie has gone to acting similar to his brother Mark (Marky Mark) Wahlberg.
3. Boyz II Men (1988). Founded in Philly. Songs: End of the Road, I'll Make Love to You, Motown Philly, One Sweet Day (with Mariah). Recently made a song covering motown classics.
4. Color Me Badd (1990). Songs: I Wanna Sex You Up, I Adore, Mi Amore. Probably was the music for a lot of mackin' in the early 90s.
5. Take That (1990). British boy band. Songs: Everything Changes, Back for Good. Robbie Williams was apart of this band before going awesomely solo.
6. Jodeci (around 1991). One of Sean "diddy" Combs' first bands under his Bad Boy record company. Songs: Gotta Love, Forever My Lady, Stay.
7. Backstreet Boys (1993). Original band members: Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean and Kevin Richardson (who left in 2006). Founded in Orlando by Lou Perlman the now jailed producer who made acts like Backstreet, NSYNC and O-town. They have grossed the most sales out of all the bands. Songs: I Want it That Way, Quit Playin' Games with my Heart,
8. All-4-One (1994). Songs: I Swear, I Can Love You Like That - you know, songs now you wish wasn't your wedding song.
9. 'NSYNC (1995). Members: JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, Lance Bass and Justin Timberlake. Founded by Lou Pearlman in Orlando before breaking with Lou to go to Jive Records. Backstreet Boys did something similar, but 'NSYNC's separation was more in the press. JC and Justin did Mickey Mouse Club together before 'NSYNC. Songs: Bye, Bye, Bye, It's Gonna Be Me, Gone, Pop, This I Promise You, Tearin' Up My Heart and Drive Myself Crazy. 'NSYNC still holds the record for most albums sold in a week, at 2.4 million albums of their "No Strings Attached" album in 2000. As many may know, Justin has gone off to become a successful solo artist and actor, JC works on a solo career, Joey Fatone did Broadway and Dancing with the Stars, Lance tried to go to space and Chris...well seems to own a mansion in Orlando. By far, the best boy band for me. Granted, I'm very VERY biased.
10. 98 Degrees - Nick and Drew Lachey's band. Nick went on to marry Jessica Simpson. Drew went on to win Dancing with the Stars.
11. LFO - one of the members is from Boston - this band is the one that made the "abercrombie and fitch" song.
12. O-town - first band to come out of the original Making the Band. Ashley Park Angel, one of the members went out to a lukewarm solo career.
13. B2K - R&B boy band, where rapper Omarion got his start.

There are many many more, like British boy band Westlife, which are still in existence...but this should clarify who was in what band, for those of you who did not watch MTV in the late 90s. ;)


Put a little Love in Your Heart

Get in gear for the next two weeks of hearts:

- Go to Salem's So Sweet Chocolate and Ice Festival (2/8-2/10) - for more.
- Go see two romantic comedies - Adam's Rib and Bringing Up Baby at the Brattle Theatre, on 2/10.
-Buy yourself tons of chocolates. Lake Champlain, at Whole Foods, is some of Vermont's finest.
-Buy Rihanna or Timbaland's t-shirts at H&M. T-shirts are designed by celebs and 25% of the proceeds go to HIV/AIDS education and prevention.
-Go meet a date at Upstairs on the Square's St. Single's Day Party. 2/13.
-Go see Casablanca at the Brattle. 2/14.


Katie Holmes News

Katie Holmes is not running the Boston Marathon. Bummer. I wanted to see a Suri siting.


Jetblue adds new cities to its Boston routes

Starting March 15th, Jetblue will add Jacksonville to the routes, with one way starting at $79, and on May 1st, Chicago and New Orleans will be added at $89 and $99 for one way rates, respectively.