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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

TV Wrap up

Missed the "Hills "premiere last night? What were you thinking?! It's Paris! LC and Whitney head to Paris and wear fancy Alberto Ferretti dresses to a ball and go club hopping in Paris...think "Devil Wears Prada" but like in 5 mins...and LC the idiot she is doesn't even kiss the Parisian dude on the hot vespa. Let's see...Broady finds a girlfriend in less than one week (that's quicker than my exboyfriends!) and there is a edgy rocker wanting to make out with you, that takes you around Paris!!!...anyone else see a problem with this girl? A kiss on the cheek is crap in Europe.

What else...we saw that Heidi is growing a backbone with Spencer (it's about time!) and sent him back to LA without her. You go girl!! And we see the hints that Whitney is leaving Teen Vogue, which is unfortunate, not for her, but for those of us who what the show. Whit tells LC her immediate reaction to LC's life every time she comes to work, and it's funny. Maybe LO is going to start interning there...

Britney was on "How I Met Your Mother" and she wasn't as fabulous as I thought she would they hyped her up. I guess looking sober makes you a decent actress. What was better? Sarah Chalke, aka Elliot Reed from "Scrubs" guest starring as Ted's most recent crush. She's always adorable. I hope when "Scrubs" ends this year she gets a good show.