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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Shows you may see this fall

Due to the writers strike, less new shows will be on the air. What you are most likely going to see is new shows from this season (i.e. Private Practice) stay on another season, where the Networks can figure out whether we are really watching them or not (in the case of Private Practice, we're not).

Anyways, on to the fun stuff, some new shows you may see. Entertainment Weekly reports:


1. Australian comedy Kath and Kim starring Molly Shannon
2. A Robinson Crusoe drama
3. A Canadian import called The Listener, about a mind reader. Sounds like it will match up with Medium.

On Fox:

1. Paranormal show from LOST and Alias creator JJ Abrams called Fringe featuring Joshua Jackson (aka PACEY!!!!)
2. Josh Whedon of Buffy fame comes back with Eliza Dushku in tow


1. Section 8 - a drama about a secret government agency
2. Eleventh Hour - a sci fi drama from Jerry Bruckheimer (creator of a lot of thos action flicks)

You *may* not see these, but don't be surprised if you do...I am all for Pacey coming back to the small screen, I have missed my college eye candy.