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Monday, March 17, 2008

Madonna's new single

Anyone who listens Kiss 108 in the morning may have heard around 8:10am the new single from Madge featuring Justin Timberlake and produced by Timbaland. Apparently, the whole album is produced by Timbaland, actually.

The single is called "4 Minutes to Save the World" and sadly, no it's not about saving the world, but more about making sure you get a boy or a girl and get on that dance floor! It's really ingenious - I have never heard a song about this....NOT.

The beat is good, but so good I couldn't hear Madonna, or JT. But I do expect it to be a hit, like much of Timbaland's songs are...however, for someone who LOVES the material girl, I hope I get to hear HER on the rest of the new album.