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Friday, January 25, 2008

davis square is changing

I went to the Burren tonight and was surprised when a friend, who has been quite the regular for many years, said that the live Irish music was not working for the front room anymore. So instead of having the live music, the bar just plays some Irish CD...I was totally bummed. Between Chipotle coming into the Square (which, is owned by McDonalds) and a La Contessa Bakery being turned into a second location for Shino Sushi (first one is on Newbury Street) just seems like the Davis many of us have grown up with is just turning into another destination point for Tufts students.

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kglue said...

I think Chipotle is technically no longer owned by McDonalds. McDonalds may still own a partial stake in it, but otherwise it is a separate company.

The nice thing is that some of Chipotle's meats are organic (something like all of their pork, 50% of their chicken, and a quarter of their beef). The bad thing is that you'll end up paying organic-like prices even though you don't know if the meat you're getting really is organic.