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Friday, October 17, 2008

Circle Restaurant Opens in the South End

So the new restaurant taking over the old Bob's Southern Bistro is now open. Located at 604 Columbus Ave, Circle Restaurant (and lounge) is open for business. Daily Candy reports that all dishes are made with as many local, organic/sustainable ingredients as humanly possible, and some items are the famous mac & cheese to a roast suckling pig. Yikes and yum at the same time. head over to this new hot spot.


Pegg S said...

Would you consider using your post labels as categories? Or adding another label such as "Restaurants" to a post like this ? It would be helpful to look up all restaurant posts or shopping posts, etc.

SangLad said...

Hello Pegg s,

Thank you for your comment. We have to admit that we are pretty sloppy when it comes to labeling posts. We will try to fix these in the near future as well as making sure that future posts are labeled correctly.

Thanks again for your comment.

From Boston on the Go team.

Anonymous said...

Aside from all the housekeeping comments, I would like to heap accolades on this new amazing restaurant. We were there this past weekend.

The chef is innovative and pays attention to detail. They have an astounding knowledge of flavor spectrums and the wine pairings are to die. RUN and check it out before they catch wind that their menu is about 20-30% under-priced. Seriously, I would not lie to you. I was extremely impressed and I would return any and everytime I am in Boston.

Tom T said...

Circle is a bright new star in the South End. The menu is creative and their Mac & Cheese is to die for.

I would encourage everyone to give this place a try. I am also partial to the wonderful place as I live just down the street, I have been there 3 times and each time it is better than the last. The staff is great as well and very attentive, but not overbearing.

This is a hidden jewel.

The price was fare for the quality of food, it is not cheep, but there are far more expensive restaurants that offer far less. Everyone should go there... now.