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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Boston Burger Co Review

So we headed to Davis Square tonight to see Anvil! Story of Anvil! (which by the way, is highly recommended) and we stopped by the newest restaurant spot in Davis - the Boston Burger Co.

The menu is filled with tons of different burgers - over 15. Some of us weren't daring enough to try the "King" filled with peanut butter, bananas and other Elvis Presley favorites. The burgers were hearty, and each come with chips and your choice of baked beans of slaw. Fries are an additional cost, but on the side - though they are worth it. We tried the garlic Parmesan and the bacon cheddar fries and they were great - two people can definitely share one order. The boneless wings were good, but we made the mistake of getting them in teriyaki sauce. The only thing missing from the menu - milkshakes. But being located right next to a JP Lick's fixes that problem. :)

Boston Burger Co. is located at 37 Davis Square.