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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Livin' La Musica Latina

I've been everywhere this past month, and I am now finally back in Beantown. I hope everyone had a good Halloween. I was down in NYC and saw 4 Lady Gagas and two guys being Swine Flu...oh, the latter was my favorite. ;)

Anyways, November has begun and Berklee is kickin' it off with Latin Culture Celebration 2009. The month is offering a variety of latin music from Brazil, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezulea and more.

This month's celebration is the 11th annual Latin Culture Celebration, an event organized by students to showcase music from Cuba, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Venezuela, Panama, and other parts of Latin American. Public events take place throughout the month of November, and are open to the public. Concerts are all around Berklee and cost form $10 to FREE. For the full schedule of musicians, click here.