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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lord Hobo Review

Lord Hobo, or also known as the old "B-Side place" has opened and us bloggers stopped by.

The bar is relatively the same as the old location, with new tables and lighting. The menu features two or three pages of beer and wine, and you can order beer by 25 oz. bottle and/or cask. There is a page of cocktails filled with "hobo slang", but I veered towards my old standard. The food menu is rather limited (heavy on the appetizers) and the entrees were mid range. I'd recommend the curry fries, especially for a late night snack. Brunch will be added soon.

The wait staff was very polite and though there was a line outside we did not have to wait long for table (for 10). The scene is what you'd expect it to be for Cambridge - hipsters galore...not in a bad way. :)

After a few days, Lord Hobo seems to be excelling at what the B-Side was good at - a great neighborhood bar with a variety of drinks and a laid back atmosphere. Stop by when you are in the neighborhood. Lord Hobo is located at 92 Hampshire Street in Cambridge and is open until 1:00am.


Anonymous said...

Ummm, clearly you meant Cambridge-neighborhood-hipsters are steering clear for a while!

Anonymous said...

Only in Boston/Cambridge would anyone claim to be a hipster!