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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Coppa Fulfills

So maybe I shouldn't have been the first Boston on the go-er to head over to Coppa, Ken Oringer's and Jamie Bissonnette's new Italian joint. I am a big fan of Toro, their Spanish Tapas restaurant, so I came in biased and ready to eat.

Little did I know the wait would be an over two hour wait (both Toro and Coppa do not take reservations)but the staff was very nice to recommend other bars in the area to grab a drink at while you wait (Coppa is small, so don't expect a seat at the bar immediately). So just to forewarn you - know you will wait, unless you show up at 5:45pm when dinner starts.

The menu is split up into starters, small dishes, pasta and pizza. The risotto balls were delightful and only $5! And there are short ribs on the menu that I think everyone should get - the marinade was delightful. The lasagna was a crowd pleaser, but I went for the calf brains ravioli and found the sauce wonderful but the brains...interesting. Perhaps I am not as adventurous as I thought. :) The pizzas are a good size (1-2 people per pizza) and I can say that the oxtail/bone marrow pizza tastes just as good cold the next day as it does hot.

The cocktails are fun and reasonably priced at $8 and the house made gelato is a must get for dessert. Coppa is located at 253 Shawmut Ave and I'd recommend parking along Washington or Tremont. Coppa is opened from 5:45pm-12:45am. Enjoy!