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Friday, June 18, 2010

Review: ThinkTank Restaurant/bar/lounge

Recently, we managed to get our arses over to Kendall Sq. in Cambridge to check out the newly opened ThinkTank Restaurant/bar/lounge. Here is our brief review. Enjoy!

ThinkTank is definitely is a change to Kendall Sq. scene. It's not quite pub & bar such as Cambridge Brewing Company, Tommy Doyle's and Flat Top Johnny's, but it's not quite the foodie's paradise such as Hungry Mother. It is somewhere in the middle, which is a good thing for its location.

Place is a hybrid of restaurant, bar, and lounge and has a bit of a dressy yet casual feel. There were peeps who were fairly dressed up, but i didn't feel out of place with my t-shirt, jeans and flip-flops. There are a few TVs to catch some games, an area to stand and chill (later in the night, it will turn into a small dance floor) and several tables and a few booths.

Food is American with Asian and middle eastern twist. We had several appetizers and a couple of sandwiches. We recommend you try siracha wings, pork belly for appetizers and Seoul burger! Food is good and different from what other places in the area offers. There were some interesting cocktails and good selections of beers both on tap and bottles.

Service was great. Staff are friendly and attentive. One of owner/manager, Vincent, came by our booth and talked to us for a bit. Just on a side note, Vincent is a burger connoisseur and gave us a great tip to check out a burger joint in CT which is home of the eldest burger joint (hopefully, we can go there soon and post it on the blog).

Weekends and few times during the week, it will have DJs for music and dancing in the evenings. It is also one of few places in Cambridge with 2am closing time and in couple of weeks will have several outdoor seatings as well.

This is a brief review of ThinkTank. If you want to try something new or are coming to see a film at Kendall Sq., then definitely stop by and check it out.

Photograph of Nicole and Vincent from ThinkTank.

Location:One Kendall Square, Building 300, Cambridge, MA, 02139