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Monday, November 17, 2008

Roadside BBQ, Publik House Provisions and other places with good meat.

So the bloggers love the BBQ. Blue Ribbon (West Newton and Arlington) and Redbones are particular faves, with Hen House Wings & Waffles being a new fave. But the Roadhouse (1770 Beacon Street, past Washington Sq) in Brookline disappointed us a bit. The appetizers (wings, turkey legs with red mash potatoes) were good, but my brisket lacked sauce and was dry, the cornbread tasted more like cake than bread and overall the only thing it really had going for it was a short wait and a great beer menu. Thankfully, you can get many of those beers next door at the Publik House Provisions Store. The beer selection is awesome. I am beginning to think I may drive to Brookline just to get beer there. But I will admit, amid the variety of cheeses and snacks, I was hoping for more meat products - like Irish breakfast favorites or just sausage. So, if the owners are reading, put that on your buyer's list.

PS, for a new variety on BBQ, try Rio's Brazilian BBQ in Arlington Center. Plates filled with great flavors and a all-you-can-eat buffet starting at $15.95.

PPS, g funk would also like to give Soul Fire in Allston a big shout-out for their ribs and other bbq fare.