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Monday, February 9, 2009

Yet Another Boloco

Downtown is getting overrun with Boloco stores. At the old Kabloom location on School St in Downtown Crossing, a new Boloco is being constructed at a rapid pace.

On the weekends downtown Boston (like most downtowns) has a very dead feel to it with all the office buildings and work week restaurants boarded up for the weekend, so let's hope, unlike the other downtown Bolocos, this one will be open all week.

Follow-up: As you can see in the comments, there is a response from the CEO and co-founder of Boloco and so this is in hopes of answering his question. I actually love the smoothies from them and enjoy the occasional burrito as well. I am incredibly surprised though that there is that much burrito demand for them to have so many stores downtown - but apparently there is. The main concern, however, is what happens to downtown when stores and restaurants are not open on weekends. It seems without places to go, people won't come downtown, but without people coming to downtown there's no demand for restaurants to be open. Alas, an endless cycle. Sounds like the new store will be open on weekends so that is a definite plus.

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Bolopep said...

We'll be open 7 days a week on School Street... and i wish it was being constructed at a rapid pace... we're weeks overdue :(

Send me your boloco card # and i'll load a freebie on - we like being part of blogs, even if i get a sense that our presence isn't 100% appreciated. As always, we have work to do :)

Thanks again

John Pepper
CEO and Co-Founder