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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Grass Roots on Devonshire closing

Sadly Grass Roots Deli will be closing their 183 Devonshire St location on February 26th. The owner mentioned not being able to reach an agreement with the landlord as a reason for closing. This is truly unfortunate as their lunchtime options were always great - oven roasted turkey for sandwiches or plates (where you always ended up wishing there was more delicious turkey) and specials of pork loin, fried chicken, pulled bbq pork, chicken pot pie, and bourbon chicken.

Grass Roots opened another location inside 101 Arch St over a year ago, but that location appears to be smaller and seems not to have the space to offer as many fresh, home-cooked options as they currently do.

Next to the Devonshire location remains signs for a Roly Poly wrap franchise opening soon and supposedly an Indian restaurant that will serve food prepared at their Somerville location will be moving into 185 Devonshire St.


p said...

Landlord tried to increase rent and costs by over 30% in this market

Anonymous said...

This is really sad news. I haven't worked in downtown Boston in a couple of years (and was laid off in October 2009 after working in the Back Bay for a couple of years). I was in town last night and was dismayed to see that Grass Roots is closed. I went to that deli for as long as I can remember. My God, I remember when it was the Hi-Spot Deli ! (and I showing my age or what ?! lol). John and the rest of the crew were awesome. My mouth is watering just thinking about his Chicken Noodle soup and Beef Stew.