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Friday, July 9, 2010

Leisure Station Offers Kendall Sq Bubble Tea and More

Leisure Station opened a few weeks ago in Kendall Square, near by the Genzyme building and offers an array of tea, treats and karaoke!

At Leisure Station, they are going the extra mile with bubble tea by customizing it any way you like, whether it be decaf, lactose-free or soy milk, etc. What's also nice to see - they make the boba, bubble or tapioca pearls every 2 hours. Talk about fresh. Regular teas and smoothies are also available.

Leisure Station offers more than just drinks - there are cake slices and fusion rolls, which is like a large maki roll sandwich. The $10.99 special includes one maki roll, side salad and a boba drink.

The store is thankfully open late, which I cannot say for many other eateries in the area, so bonus for that and will start karaoke at 7:00pm. And if you are not in a walkable distance - don't fret - Leisure Station delivers in a snazzy smart car.

Leisure Station is located at 625 West Kendall Street. For more information, click here.