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Thursday, July 8, 2010

More Somerville Business News

Just read about some new restaurants and cafes in Somerville.

The old Bowl and Board and Jimmy's location on Elm Street in Davis Sq will be a new restaurant, lounge and theater called the Foundry. The Foundry will be open (hopefully) in August, with a raw bar, with beer and wine specialties.

Up on Highland Ave, a new Chocolate bakery opened, called The Chocolate Tarte. The bakery sells cakes, truffles, tarts and coffee/tea.

Also at 278 Highland Ave, the old Cafe Rossini/Cafe Lola location is a new Aroma Cafe, serving sandwiches and coffee, specializing in Greek/Mediterranean cuisine.

And Teele Square Cafe closed - this place, which is on a corner shouldn't be so cursed. In its place a vegan restaurant called True Bistro will be opening and will have liquor.