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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Voltage Cafe Opens in Kendall Square

For those who live or work in Kendall Square, most of us know that the only coffee shops around are the Starbucks located in the hotels near the T stop. But there is something new in the Square today - Voltage. And its pretty great.

Voltage started out of JP in 2008 when the owner launched Voltage as an espresso catering service. Since then, she found a storefront in Kendall Square where she brews up great coffee (this morning's latte=no need for sugar) and tea. In addition to drinks and some snacks, Voltage offers a gallery of wall space with works of art from local artists. It has, as Lucy, the owner, described this morning "a warehouse vibe."

For menu and other info on Voltage, click here. Voltage is located at 295 Third Street as is open 7am-7pm Monday-Saturday.

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Unknown said...

great place!!