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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Starbucks News

So, I'm assuming my hip readers have heard of all the deals Starbucks has been doing recently. For example, if you buy a grande drink (preferably iced, I believe) before 2:00pm any day, save your receipt and bring it back after 2:00pm and get your next iced grande drink for only $2.00. Which is cheap in Starbucks culture. With that, the chain is bringing a new coffee machine into the market. Click here for the Globe article about the new Clover machines...cause it may mean more mulah for your morning coffee.


Meredithk1981 said...

Your first purchase doesn't have to be iced! :) I think you just need to make sure you get a receipt and that it is either printed at the bottom or they stamp the bottom before returning it to you. Thanks for sharing. :)

bostongal said...

ah meredithk, you are right. i did it today with a hot grande latte. :)