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Monday, September 22, 2008

Your TV Guide

So the Emmys were on last night. And some girls were dressed to impress, and some were Jennifer Love Hewitt. (Oh, I said it.)

Since premiere week is this week, here is your 411 on what you are already watching and what you should.

Mad Men won Best Drama last night cause, well frankly, it should. Sundays, AMC 10pm. It's already into its 2nd season, but its available on iTunes.

30 Rock - won Best Comedy last night, cause it's also awesome. Thursdays, 9:30pm starting in October.

The Office - starts this Thursday at 9:00pm, one hour special. Jim & Pam better have had an awkward engagement party.

How I Met Your Mother - starts tonight, 8:00pm. Barney hearts Robyn. Aww.

Heroes - starts tonight, 9:00pm, two hour special

Ugly Betty - 8:00pm, Thursday...who did Betty choose? Let's hope its not the accountant.

Grey's Anatomy - 9:00pm, Thursday, 2 hour special where the preview shows Rose saying she is having McDreamy's baby. Oh, snap Meredith!

House - already started last week

And for a new show, try out Fringe on Fox.

1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

Why all the hate'n on JLH? Is it because she's such an amazing actress? The hair was a wreck, but the dress looked great. Nay ... she looked great.