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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dining Notes

So Teele Square is getting a new cafe - the Soleil Cafe is out and the new Teele Square Cafe is in. Open 7 days a week, this neighborhood will finally get a solid cafe.

Now onto Cambridge - the much loved Petsi Pies owner Renee Mcleod is finally admitting that she is opening her southern themed restaurant Tupelo in the old Magnolia's spot on Cambridge Street. Described as a southern-ish place with grits, fried chicken, pies and banana pudding, this place is sure to be a heaven for those of us looking for some southern comfort. Keep checking the venue out, it's been said to be opening in a few weeks.

Lastly in dining news, pizza place Croma on Newbury Street is out and Pazzo Restaurant and Bar is in.

1 Comment:

g funk said...

I doubt this is the Pazzo Italian Cafe of Glastonbury, CT fame ... but if it is, woohoo!!!