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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bailey and Sage Review

Last week we gave you photos of the Baily and Sage menu, and now a quick review.

Bailey and Sage opened recently at 103 State Street, featuring sandwiches and salads. Upon walking into the store, there are two lines, the closer one for salads, where you walk through the line specifying the ingredients and toppings you want, and the second line towards the back where you can order a sandwich.

The layout of these lines definitely leads something to be desired, as the salad line can get congested and makes it difficult to get to the sandwich line. Once in the sandwich line, there is not much space so it gets confusing to determine who is in line and who is just waiting for their order to be filled.

In any case, about the food. Pictured above is half of the Prosciutto and Brie sandwich, which was very good with a generous portion of prosciutto. The dried roasted peppers had a raisin-like flavor and was a a tasty and interesting topping. A friend who is a chicken salad connoisseur had the Bailey and Sage Chicken Salad Wrap and was very impressed.

BUT, the prices are just a tad high for lunch. For the taste and size $10 is probably not a bad price to pay, but it's hard to imagine going there too often.

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