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Friday, January 15, 2010

Khayyam Restaurant review with interview!

When it comes to Persian restaurants in Boston area, there are few options. Let me see, there is Moby Dick near Symphony, La La Rokh in Beacon Hill, and Jasmine Taste of Persia in Watertown.

Now, there is a new Persian restaurant in Coolidge corner, Brookline! It's called "Khayyam Restaurant" and it is a sister restaurant to "Jasmine Taste of Persia". Click "Read more" to read a short review and to hear an interview with the owner, Alex. Enjoy!

Last Sunday evening, I was craving some Persian food and having heard from Boston Gal that there is a new Persian restaurant in Coolidge corner, I decided to give it a try.

Here are some of the things that I have tried:

Appetizer: Kashk Bademjan (a puree of toasted eggplant with sautéed onions, mint & Kashk (Persian cream)

Soup: Aash Reshten (Persian soup: fresh vegetables & herbs, noodles, Black Eye beans, chick peas, & lentils flavored with sauteed onion & mint)

Main Course: Mixed grill dish, Barreh Soltani (skr: 1 Lamb Kebob & 1 Beef Kebob). Comes with saffron rice, oven stewed tomatoes, hummus, & persian salad

Main Course: Vegetarian plate from lunch special: White basmati rice with falafel, grape leaves, some hummus & persian salad

and of course, the meal wouldn't be complete without having some "Doogh" (Perisan yogurt drink).

I have to say that it was pretty good over all. Appetizer and my mixed grill dish were very tasty and I highly recommend them. Soup was good. The vegetarian plate was good over all, but falafel was a wee bit dry. However, delicious grape leaves, hummus and Persian salad made up for it. Staff were friendly and helpful even though it was almost closing time when I visited and the owner, Alex, was nice enough to talk to me regarding his restaurant.

Anyhoo, if you are in a mood for some Persian food or Kebob then check out Khayyam restaurant. It is located in 404 Harvard St., Brookline, MA. 02446. Tel. (617) 383-6264.

Also, not sure when it will end, but they have a grand opening lunch special that is all day long (all 8 lunch specials are $5.99 each)!!!

Now, check out the interview with the owner, Alex!