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Monday, January 18, 2010

Special Election Tuesday

As most everyone knows by now through the countless TV advertisements, news articles, and robo-calls, there is a special election in MA on Tuesday the 19th to fill the Senate seat once held by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (filled in the interim by Sen. Paul Kirk).

The three candidates are:
Attorney General Martha Coakley, Democrat
State Senator Scott Brown, Republican
Joe Kennedy, Independent

This election, which is too close to call between Coakley and Brown, could very well determine what, if any, bills and policies will become law since, with a Brown victory, the Senate Republicans will have an opportunity to filibuster any future discussions and votes.

Since the election is expected to be sooo close, remember to vote as every vote this time will be important.

For more information on the election and where to vote, please visit this website.