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Thursday, April 9, 2009

An event to check out - Wine Riot!

We love our friends over at the Second Glass, and this is event next week is going to be awesome. Here are some reasons to check out Wine Riot Patriot's Day Weekend.

Top 10 reasons to storm Wine Riot
The most unpretentious, kick ass wine event in Boston
1. World Travel, Recession style Travel from Japan, to Australia, through Europe, South Africa,
South America and back to the US of A all while sampling over 250+ baller wines in just 4 hours!
2. Get Your Learn On Drop into any Crash Course for a 30 minute cram session, dishing out in-depth info about specific grapes, regions, and growing trends. When you head back to the main floor, you can wow your friends with your newly acquired knowledge.
3. Largest Online Wine Tasting EVER! During VIP night, Twitter Taste Live and Hospice du Rhone wines will host an international twitter tasting, across 3 times zones! Tipsy texting encouraged!
4. Tasty Pairings Grab delicious bites to pair with your wine from Sel De La Terre, Garden at the
Cellar, The Savant Project, Ronnarong and Ivy.
5. Location! Location! Location! It’s all going down in the heart of the South End, so after the show you’ll be released into Boston’s mecca for fantastic food, cool coffee shops and of course, great booze. It’s all easily accessible via public transportation and there is ample parking in the area!
6. It’s Patriots Day Weekend It’s a citywide holiday packed with food, baseball and a couple
thousand runners. Sip on some quality vino and then take advantage of the long weekend by allowing extra time for recovery.
7. Organic! Just in time for Earth Day! On Friday night at the VIP Riot, attendees can taste and
learn about sustainability and what it means to the wine industry directly from rockstar experts.
8. It’s Affordable At only $45, Wine Riot is only half the price of most wine events in town and less than your monthly MBTA Pass or iPhone bill!
9. Hipster Cool Each Riot comes complete with a DJ, photo booth and EVEN fake tattoos!
10. Relive the Riot Remember everything you swirled at Wine Riot with a printed guide listing all the wines, then re-enact the Riot in your living room with your take home glass!

Details on tickets and dates: Wine Riot is taking place April 17th with a VIP session from 6 -10pm, for $65 and April 18th with Riot 1, 1-5pm and Riot 2 6-10pm both for $45. Tickets are now on sale online and at wine stores across Boston. For more info call 617-330-2810 or click here.