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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Puma City hits the Fan Pier

So, Boston gal is reading the Phoenix during lunch and sees an add for Puma City on the back. Hmmm. What is this you may ask? Good question.

Basically, the gist is this: it's a traveling store and lounge with a complete BAR. Yeah, I wrote bar. It's traveling as a part of the campaign release for the new "Puma Sailing Collection and will following the Volvo Ocean Race across the world. Coming from Alicante, Spain where the race began in September 2008 the City is scheduled to open on Boston’s Fan Pier on April 25. The structure was designed and assembled in China and has over 11,000 square feet of space made from twenty-four, forty-four foot shipping containers. Each container weighs in at eleven tons! It’s definitely a must see for this spring in the Boston Area." (Thanks to the Street Attack Blog for all the info and pictures.) I will be there April 25th will my Puma outfit...will you?