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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tory Row Review

So I headed over to Tory Row for lunch this afternoon and it definitely lives up to its sister restaurants. Tory Row is owned by the same folks who have brought us Cambridge 1, Middlesex and Miracle of Science, just to name a few. The menu is a mix of American and French/Mediterranean flavors - hamburgers were delicious, as was the red pepper hummus. It reminded me of the great Miracle of Science menu, but a bit more refined (after all, there is a duck confit salad!). There is beer and wine service, offering a good variety of both. We were also told ice cream was soon going to be added to the menu for dessert. Prices were very reasonable, with sandwiches ranging in $8-10 range. Though there are not tons of tables, it was nice that there was a mix of small (2-4 people) to large (7-8 people) tables to accommodate large groups.

Tory Row will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with dinner starting around 5:00pm and will offer a late night menu. Perfect for those of us who drink too many scorpion bowls at the near by Hong Kong. :) Tory Row is right in the heart of the Square at 3 Brattle Street. Click here for more info.