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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Are Boston girls trying to be LA?

I think the Hills has gotten to some girls' heads here in Boston. Last I checked, neon high heels and wannabe punkers were not a prerequisite for the the lines at the Big Easy...oh, I'm sorry, I meant the Mansion, or now the Estate. That club has gone through more name changes in one year than Paris Hilton does in boyfriends. But I digress...

Point is, the fashionistas of Boston came out strong tonight at the Betsy Johnson show. Though my gals and I were too tired to stay for the whole thing (I'm getting older folks, and for some of us, tomorrow morning doesn't include skipping a class). Girls were rockin heels, and some where rocking...uh, too many trends at once. And boy did they come with attitude! To the girl who wanted to rock the "Audrina when she was dating Justin Bobby" look, don't you go mocking girls right in front of you in line! At least wait until I'm in the club.

And Estate looks like a much better version of the Big Easy, but nonetheless, and over priced club. I found it hard to imagine people paid over $10 to come there on a Saturday night. And some straight men rolled into the club, obviously hoping for some action...oh, fellas - the girls here are bitchy and fierce - the only looks they want to give all night are stares at each other. Not a good idea to go to this looking for digits.

Lastly, the famous goodie bags - you kinda sucked. Actually, you did suck. Let's to come to the Estate for free (eh), mints from the "Prom Night" movie (as my friend said, "are these rufees?") and information on a website called "shoetube - an online social community connecting women all over the world thought the love and enjoyment of shoes." Unless you have a foot fetish...WTF.