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Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Creative Class brings out the Creative Singles

So, some of you may have heard of a very popular book that came out a few years ago, called the "Creative Class". The author, Richard Florida, made the argument, to paraphrase, that creative people, whether that be those that are artists or those who are into art, flock to cities which provide a creative environment. This could be done via nightlife, art galleries, local stores, etc. Boston is good in that area. New York, much better. But the point is, well educated people go those cities because not only are they looking for a good job, but they want a good quality of life.

Well, in the Boston Sunday Globe, Mr. Florida brings up a new premise. Perhaps, we also flock to cities because there are creative single people. Click here for the article and the map of the States showing were more single people are, of both sexes. West Coast is predominately single male, and East, single women (more in NYC). Boston area is almost equally matched. Now, if there is study done on quality of life and weather, I'm definitely moving to the West Coast. :)