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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Some random celeb gossip

Matt Damon and wife are havin' another baby! Man, these celebs like to procreate. But, if I were that hot, I probably would too.

And with Justin, Justin Timberlake that is - after producing Madonna's new album (along with BFF Timbaland) "Hard Candy" Justin is now set to produce a new show for NBC based on a Peruvian show...interesting.

US Weekly reports that Heidi Montag declares there was "another" woman involved in the psuedo break up with boytoy Spencer Pratt...considering they are photographed together all the freakin time, I'm going to assume this is not real, or Heidi is really an idiot.

Whitney Houston wants to dance with somebody! Or at least make new music for someone to dance to...expect a new comeback album in stores by the holidays...

ok, read Perez for more!

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Stephanie said...

Thanks for the dish! I gave up Perez for Lent so this is a real treat.