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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dating Scene

So, Yelp recently emailed me about where to go on dates, and unless they make 6 figure Gs, some people were recommending a lot of places I thought (and know) are expensive. So, here is my choices (low end and high end), besides the obvious stroll down North End's Hanover Street and a bowl of soup at Wagamama. PS- these places are also great for a night out with your peeps.

In Cambridge, Temple Bar fondue is romantic, no? At least after a couple of dates...after all, fondue is a type of oral fixation... :) Casablanca in Harvard Square after a movie at the Brattle is classic and grabbing a pizza at Cambridge 1 will also do the trick. If you are at Kendall and want to discuss the cultural impact on the independent you just saw, grab a beer and fried oysters at Hungry Mother. Enormous Room in Central Square will always be a good spot to share kabobs and get up close and personal on the rug platforms. And for off the beaten path in Cambridge, head over to River Gods. Food and atmosphere are definitely inviting for a little somethin' somethin'.

In the South End, you could go crazy with all the nice, high-end restaurants, but a lunch date at Flour Bakery is always a good time (cause if you're just not that into him or her, you can watch all the fabulous people walking down Washington Street). Pops, especially in their back room, is definitely a fun place as well as grabbing a drink at Beehive. If you want outdoor dining, consider tapas and sangria at Toro. Also, Coda is a great first date spot, too. And for the architect aficionado, bring him/her to Banq, where the interior is sure to give you something to talk about.

In the new Fort Point District, if you want to woo your lovah's musical heart, hit up Legal Test Kitchen and ask for the iPod dock, so you can serenade with your own playlist. Or, stop by Lucky's, with its dim lighting you are sure to look good even with bags under your eyes. Lastly, if you just hit up the MFA and are looking for a good place for a beer or dessert, check out the Savant Project where the churro dessert will definitely make you hot (the chocolate is spicy!). Savant also has board games for those who lack in conversation...maybe a game of Ghettopoly is in order?

And in Somerville, there is always Gargoyle's on the Square in Davis. Whether it be grabbing a martini or a nice anniversary dinner, it's the nicest restaurant in the immediate area. If you want to just watch the game together, check out Redbones. If you want to grab tapas Indian style, look at Diva Lounge. For a quick date over sushi? Yoshi's in Powderhouse Square has reasonable prices. Over in Teele Square, hit up Rudy's for Mexican or Sabur's for Mediterranean atmosphere and fare. Lastly, if you really want to look romantic (or maybe just get some) try out Dali on Washington Street. Just walk in there and you'll get what I'm taking about.

Did I miss any? It's been awhile since I've been on a good date folks, so share your tips. If you need tips on things to do on dates, also leave a comment and I'll add those too. And if you just need to hear about some sketchy dating stories, click here and here.